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5 Times Dillon Francis Was The Funniest DJ On Snapchat

| September 28, 2016

To anyone who follows Dillon Francis on snapchat, you’re positive of one thing; he is absolutely hilarious. If you don’t follow him, you are missing out more than you can imagine.  

Most of the time if you see someone with a long snapchat story your first thought is “ugh” why. With Dillon, when you see a 9 minute long snapchat, you’re excited for whatever he’s come up with this time. It’s honestly hard to just pick 5 top moments because everything he posts is pure gold.

1. The Platinum Record Incident:

Getting a platinum record should be an exciting time. Dillon Francis was so excited, he took to snapchat to show us all (and Gerald) how great it was. If you don’t know who Gerald is, stay tuned. However, after the internet saw they soon realize the word “certification” was spelled incorrectly on the platinum record. They literally had one job.  

2.  VEVO:

Poor Dillon can’t catch a break. When the release of his video for "Candy" came out, VEVO managed to mess that one up real quick. Apparently Dillon Francis and Calvin Harris are the exact same person because, you know, all DJs are exactly the same.

3. Gotta Catch Em All:

Dillon seems to have an odd relationship with intimate objects, but it’s not something we’re really worried about. If anything, we sort of embrace it because it's hilarious. Previously Calvin Harris had given Dillon a Hardwell doll that shortly after became his best friend. Before there was Gerald, there was Hardwell doll. With the release of Pokémon Go also came Dillon’s need to catch them all and the rest is history.

4. Phantoms:

Dillon’s two best friends, also known as Phantoms, Kyle and Vinnie are always on some sort of adventure. Anytime the three of them are on snapchat you know it’s bound to be hilarious. No one ever wants to experience FOMO (fear of missing out) and Kyle definitely experienced some of that on one of their Vegas boys trips when he got on the wrong plane.

5. Gerald:

To the untrained eye, Gerald is just a piñata. In the world of Dillon Francis, Gerald is a drug-loving friend, recently turned demon, who lives in a corner of Dillon's home. Gerald, after returning from rehab, made his way to Hard Summer in California. Unfortunately, he passed at the festival after being tragically thrown into the crowd., Magically he re-appeared a few days later, but things were not quite the same…


 Make sure you're not missing out! DJ by night and comedian by day. Dillon, we're waiting for your movie debut. Follow Dillon on snapchat - @DillonFrancis


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