5 Unforgettable Sets from Elements Music Festival

| August 24, 2018

Elements Festival attendees braved the brutal rainstorms of the Bronx for a day packed with electrifying performances from some of the most innovative musicians of our time. The weather conditions did not put a damper on the exuberance radiating from fans as they danced nonstop through the mud and showers of the festival grounds. From the minute I walked into the venue, I was enthralled by the atmosphere that the elaborate stage designs along with the cityscape backdrop created. The vibes, location, and most importantly the music made this the epitome of what a city festival should be. The artists must have admired the attendees’ dedication for withstanding the rain because these were some of the greatest performances I saw all festival season long. If you have the post festival blues and want to relive the most unforgettable sets at Elements read below!


1. Subtronics


No thunderstorm is powerful enough to stop these WOBS

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It seems that the peak of the rainstorm happened during Subtronics’ set but the intensity of his style was simply enhanced by it. I’ve been lucky enough to see the Philadelphia producer play at multiple events nationwide this year and this was hands down my most memorable experience. The Earth Stage which was the mainstage at the festival was packed to the brim at 6pm for one of his most exhilarating sets ever. Each track was packed with filth and had everyone there headbanging in unison. Dubstep lovers from across the country are attracted to his sound and this performance made it clear that it is well deserved.


2. Bassnectar



This festival was practically a Bassnectar show as everywhere I went people were decked out head to toe in his signature bassdrop logo. Many people I talked to were primarily bassheads from the east coast eager to get a dose his ungodly mixing. Thankfully the rain had subsided by the time he came on and he took full advantage of the ideal climate. He went above and beyond as usual and played a set with a trap flair that was very fitting for the Bronx. Bassnectar kicked off the night with an Antiserum’s ‘Assassins’ intro but this time with a “Nobody got it like the Bronx” edit. My favorite moment was his mashup of Metrik’s ‘Your World’ and ‘Weed Wid da Macka’ into the obscene banger ‘Ugly.’ The overall song selection made this set feel like a heart pounding dance party that was well worth all the weather troubles.


3. Jade Cicada


After Bassnectar’s set left everyone mind boggled and speechless, Jade Cicada was the perfect way to decompress yet keep the party going. He played at the Water Stage which was a warehouse style indoor stage. What was great about this stage was that there were plenty of awesome places to watch the show whether it was dancing on top of a ship installation, the sweaty dancefloor, or from a bird’s eye view from the VIP balcony. The Denver based producer’s crunchy beats echoed across the walls and had everyone raging well into the night. His experimental sound definitely expanded the horizons of festival goers and caught the attention of unexpected fans. It just goes to show exactly why he is soaring to the top of the electronic music scene right now.


 4. Emancipator


Emancipator’s performance was easily the most beautiful moment of the day. The simultaneously calming and emotive nature of the music had a way of elevating the vibrations and inspiring the entire crowd. I was able to watch this set from the balcony viewing area at the earth stage and the lights and lasers combined with the soothing sounds was dreamlike. This style of music was a relaxing break from the mostly heavy electronic acts on the lineup.


5. J Worra

J Worra was a part of the Dirtybird Players curated lineup at the Fire Stage. The LA based house producer is a goddess in her own right and has been gaining recognition with her danceable and inventive beats. This stage had an industrial vibe that went hand in hand with her style and the attendees seemed to be in love with her performance. Keep an eye on this budding talent because a stage presence and sound like that is bound to take her places in the near future.


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