6 Unforgettable Music Videos In EDM History

6 Unforgettable Music Videos In EDM History
| July 26, 2016

 As time goes on, people begin to forget the importance and significance behind music videos. TBT to the good ol' days when MTV used to play music videos and awesome jams to accompany them, rather than the overly-dramatic reality TV shows that now flood the channel.

Music videos are a lost art form; if you think about it, they're basically considered the visual interpretation of the song that is being played. Music videos visually aid in painting the overall picture of what the artist is trying to get across with their song. The craft, thought, hard work and creativity that all go into its making, from both the director, crew and artist, should not go unnoticed.

Not all music videos hit us right in the feels, however; they can be straight up funny and put a smile on our faces, and they can also just be super dope. Some classic ones you may recall on are Avicii's 'Levels' video, as well as Skrillex's 'Bangarang' video. So on that note and in effort to bring some love back for music videos, we've decided to round up only 6 of some of the most unforgettable music videos in EDM history and shine some light on them:

1) 'Language'- Porter Robinson

Directed by Jonathan Desbiens

Words alone cannot describe how much of a creative genius Porter Robinson is, clearly showcased through his music, live performances and overall aesthetic as an artist. 'Language' is that one song that no matter how many times you hear it, goosebumps will envelop your arms, and the same can be said for the music video. The 'Language' video is mesmerizing, beautiful, and chilling, with it's postcard-worthy nature visuals and gorgeous, dream-like concept.

The story line revolves around a girl and a friendly giant who both find themselves lost and alone, and end up finding sanctuary and solace within one another. But in the end, it teaches you to face your fears head-on, and chase them away, rather than to have them chase you. Warning: it's a real tearjerker.

2) 'Original Don'- Major Lazer ft. The Partysquad

Directed by Kyle Frere

This will by far be the strangest, funniest, most confusing music video you'll ever see, and it will also be the most EPIC. I'm pretty sure the concept and idea behind this music video was "to make the viewers literally not have any idea what could possibly be going on." It's one of those music videos that's just so strange that it'll end up being engraved into your memory for the rest of your life.

TBH, it seems like another casual Tuesday afternoon for the family in the video; brother and sister dueling with samurai swords in the backyard and doing some sort of intense, metamorphosis, coordinated dance while grandma watches. Like same, totally casual.


3) 'Don't Turn On The Lights'- Felix Cartal ft. Polina

Directed by David McDonald

The exhilarating feeling of being young, rebellious and in love are elements that are all incorporated into Felix Cartal's 'Don't Turn On The Lights' video. The video focuses on a bunch of different scenarios, all revolving around free-spirited youths that just want to escape into the darkness, have fun, and live forever in those mysterious and adrenaline-filled nights.

Truthfully, we all know the most fun goes down in the dark, so 'Don't Turn On The Lights' is a fitting name for the video and those moments we want to stay everlasting.


4) Exit Through The Donut Hole (I Can't Take It)- Dillon Francis

Directed by Agata Alexander

It's a no-brainer that Dillon Francis is the funniest DJ and just overall human that we've ever seen; whether you follow him on Snapchat, Twitter or any form of social media, he will bring you to tears from laughing so hard.

Dilly is not the type to just make a simple music video because obviously the king of humor has to make it creative, a little strange and of course, funny. For this one, Dilly tells us about the struggles he faces every day living as a donut (don't question it, just go with it) in this mini-documentary/music video he made for his track 'I Can't Take It.'

This video teaches a lot: it shows us that people can come together regardless of their differences (exemplified by Broccoli and Donut), to stand up for what you believe in, and of course, it shows awareness to the tragic donut crisis happening in America. This one goes out to all the donuts out there who feel like their lives are built on broken dreams- keep your heads up and you're not alone.


5) 'I Got U'- Duke Dumont ft. Jax Jones

Directed by Rémy Cayuela

'I Got U' is a staple summer tune, with it's tropical vibes that make you just wanna kick back with a piña colada and bask in the sun...or in this case, just throw on a virtual reality helmet?

This music video takes a brilliant turn on the standard music video by showing us the main character's perspective, making us truly feel like it's us in the video rather than us just watching someone else. The luxurious, lavish summer lifestyle displayed in the video leaves us craving to experience it, and for a hot second, we do feel as though it's us wearing the VR helmet and living it up. It's safe to say that this guy's rainy day definitely got turned around once he put the helmet on, but the question is, where can I get one of these helmets?!


6) 'Deep Down Low'- Valentino Khan

Directed by Ian Pons Jewell

This was the track that absolutely DOMINATED the charts and festival sets in all of 2015. You would hear this getting dropped and everything instantly got lit. So naturally, this modern-day EDM classic had to have a killer video to accompany it.

Fish start talking, faces start disappearing, octopus tentacles come out of a girls eyes- everything gets extremely trippy, strange, and even a bit uncomfy; that's what makes this video unforgettable. You see how horrified the main character is at whats going on around him because he is on some next-level drugs here, people. To sum it up, this is a 3-minute long video of a guy tripping out in a restaurant, enjoy.


Honorable Mentions:

'Head Splitter'-Getter
'Seek Bromance'-Tim Berg
'Shades Of Grey'-Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank ft. Delaney Jane
'Greyhound'-Swedish House Mafia


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