7 Back-To-Back Sets That Would Be A Dream Come True

7 Back-To-Back Sets That Would Be A Dream Come True
| July 03, 2016

What's better than witnessing a live set from one of your favorite artists? Witnessing a live set from TWO of your favorite artists.

One of our favorite word's as fellow dance music lovers that makes us feel all warm and tingly inside is the word "back-to-back", and we all become giddy little schoolboys and girls when we see these magical words. Artists going b2b have been taking over lineups left and right lately and truthfully, it really is a beautiful thing to see music unite artists together like this. To name a few notorious b2b's so far, we got Cookie Monsta b2b Funtcase, Caspa b2b Rusko, Claude VonStroke b2b Green Velvet (also known as Get Real) and Eric Prydz b2b Deadmau5.

With this being said, the creative juices can't help but get flowing as you begin to think all the epic b2b's that would only happen in your wildest dreams. But who knows? Maybe they'll become a reality or maybe we're just pushing our luck and being total dreamers. But for now, here are 7 b2b sets that would be an absolute dream come true.


1) Rezz b2b Gesaffelstein

Considering that Rezz has even said that Gesaffelstein is her biggest musical inspiration, I think that we the people demand for the prince and princess of genre-defying dark, heavy beats to go b2b while we kneel before them and chant, "WE'RE NOT WORTHY".


2) Alison Wonderland b2b Mija

We've seen speculation of Alison and Mija wanting to go b2b all over the Twittersphere, especially since they're good friends, and it's about time that this happens! They may be like tiny little DJ fairies in size, but Alison and Mija would pack in a punch going b2b and be the dynamic girl-power duo that this world needs.


3) Funtcase b2b 12th Planet

A while back, I vaguely remember tweeting about how epic a Funtcase and 12th Planet b2b would be, so I obviously had to include it in this post. They each deserve the MVP award for throwing down the most filthy, nasty, and just straight up GRIMY dubstep, so can you even begin to imagine what them together would be like? RIP to us.


4) Ta-Ku b2b Flume

Ta-Ku and Flume have been remixing each other for quite some time now and putting their own spin on each other's timeless, chilled out and sparkly sound that would leave a crowd covered in chills if they were to go b2b.


5) Slow Magic b2b ODESZA b2b Giraffage

Let's switch things up a bit and do a b2b2b! And this wouldn't just be any b2b2b, this b2b2b would be so dreamy that it would make you feel like you're floating on a cloud comprised of glittery synths and chillwave sounds.


5) Marshmello b2b Dotcom

It's been rumored that the number one suspect of who Marshmello could be is Dotcom (and no, Marshmello is not actually Tiesto, following the troll that the boys pulled at EDCLV this year), so I think MANY people would be interested in seeing how that could go down. Consider this a challenge, Marshmello!


6) RL Grime b2b Hudson Mohawke

Oh man, the thought alone makes us subconsciously start pumping those trap arms.


7) Pretty Lights b2b Grizmatik (Griz & Gramatik)

The masters of jazz, funk and soul, Griz and Gramatik, have already joined forces and are referred to as "Grizmatik." But what would happen if you infuse this electro-funk duo with the nu-jazz, glitchy sound that is Pretty Lights? A lil' something called "Pretty Grizmatik," or maybe even "Grizmatik Lights?" You pick.

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