A Look Back at EDM Fashion

| August 27, 2016

It's time to take a journey to the birth of rave fashion. Dance music fashion has gone through a beautiful evolution. Drawing on a wide range of culture and differing fashions, the clothing and accessories of dance music is rich in its history. 

Timeless influences 

Dance music fashion owes many of its roots to the 60s and 70s psychedelic culture. During this time, clothing was a form of radical self expression. Gone were the suits and formal wear seen in everyday life.

Even if you're not aware of the rich cultural upheaval that was brought about during the counter-culture era, there's somethings you'll recognize. One of those is tie-dye. While traditional tie-dye has went out of style as some what cliched, it opened the doors for rich color to be added. 

In its wake, universal colors and graphic designs have taken hold to create beautiful images on an array of shirts, tanks, and hoodies. 

Underground Style

The warehouse raves and general anonymity of the scene in the 80s and 90s created some of the most well known aspects of dance fashion. Dressing down was done because it was more conducive to the dancing conditions. Sweaty and having a good time led to people not being confined by formal clothing.

This gave way to a dressed down look that included sequined bikinis, beads and necklaces that would eventually lead to kandi.  Under the flashing light and pulsating grooves, dance music fashion changed in tandem. 

Current Era 

Bringing us to the past decade and current year, some things have changed as others have stayed the same. Alongside the rapid technological advance, dance music has followed with its fashion and music. We've entered the era where we are both spectator and performer.


Along with past influences of clothing, the newest rage is lighting up your wardrobe. Ravers have taken the show into their own hands, using LED gloves to create light shows out of themselves. The newest trend is completely transforming yourself into something a Christmas decoration would be jealous of. 

Music festivals have taken on different themes and trends that are hot in pop culture such as Pokemon raves. Imagine Music Festival is based around the lost city of Atlantis, adopting an underwater theme perfect for mermaids.

In the globally connected future of the past world, our music and dance fashion is merging together to create the most fashionable experience we can imagine. We look forward to the future and what rave fashion has in store next.



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