Be Anything But #Basic This Fall With iEDM Fashion

| September 15, 2016

Somehow, it’s already September. Now that all the dust has settled and we’re all recovered from our Labor Day weekend festivals it officially means one thing, fall season has officially begun. Whether the actual season has started or not doesn’t matter. Pumpkin spice is everywhere, the leaves have started to change, and it’s time to break out the Ugg boots.

It’s time to feel #Blessed while sipping on PSL and playing in pumpkin patches. No matter how basic you start to become when the weather starts to cool down, iEDM will keep you looking anything but #basic all year ‘round

1. Cosmic Play

If you’re anything like me, even when its 30 degrees outside, I’m still wearing tank tops. I will be the one shoveling snow in a tank top and a sweatshirt. #DONTJUDGEME. Every store you walk into will have the heat blasting at some ungodly temperature. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to feel like I’m wandering through the desert when I go into a restaurant. I’ll rock this tank top any day of the year, but even if you’re not warm blooded we’ve got you covered in a sweatshirt to match.

2. Deconceptualize

Unfortunately you’ll get really weird looks if you continue to wear spandex shorts while wandering in the snowy weather. Luckily leggings are the spandex shorts of winter time. You get to walk around and be lazy but look cute. Not to mention it looks like you put in some solid effort when in reality you didn’t.

3. Iris

Festival season may be over, but the fun has just started. Now is the time to travel to warm places and keep the party going all year. Whether you’re planning on hitting up Mexico for a family vacation or Ibiza to get down with the ratchet, your style can travel the world with you.

4. Fingerprint

They say you should wear dark colors in the fall and winter but who says we have to listen to “them” anyways. Keep that festival vibe going and stand out even when they tell you not too.

5. Universal

If you didn’t selfie it, did it ever really happen? The selfie opportunities in this design are completely endless. Make sure your phone is charged when you decide to rock this awesome design.

6. Attuned

It’s officially time to drag all your friends or significant other to go apple picking with you. Make sure you all match so that your Instagram pictures can be the ultimate “squad goals.” This pattern is sure to be something everyone in the group can agree on.

7. Geometry Onesie

Who needs a Snuggie when you can have a onesie? While you’re watching Hocus Pocus for the 17th time this week, make sure to do it in style.

8. Esoteric

Two is better than one and three is even better than that. Can’t make up your mind here? Don’t worry we have three options for this one. Guys, prepared to have your girlfriends steal this shirt regardless what color you choose. I guarantee this will look cute with a pair of simple black leggings and we can’t forget the Uggs!

9. Cosmic Leggings

Can you ever actually own too many pairs of leggings? I certainly don't think so. From airports, to adventures, or just snuggling with your cat, these leggings are sure to keep you warm and looking hot.

10. Mesatronic

Whether you want to blend in or stand out, this pattern is sure to catch some eyes wandering your way. This is anti-basic outfit for even the most basic person.

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