Top 10 Light Up LED Hoodies To Beat The Cold This Fall 2020

| September 25, 2019

Are you looking for a way to combine your love for art and eccentric fashion this fall? Our brand-new LED Hoodie Collection HERE is an awesome way to step up your outerwear game while staying warm and comfortable through the crisp weather.

The zipper lights enhance these striking designs and are guaranteed to make you stand out in any setting. Check out our choices for the top 10 most mind-blowing hoodies below!



1. Deep Space




Swirls of maroon and aqua stardust will envelope you in warmth and carry your mind far away from the gloomy skies of autumn. Pair it with our Cosmic LED shoes to bring this look to the next level!




2. Jungle Butterfly





Butterflies are not only one of the most incredible creatures on our planet, but are also a moving metaphor for the beauty of change and growth. The violet backdrop makes the sea foam green butterfly pop in this design and the blue LED’s pulls it all together exquisitely. This tropical look is ideal for all the nature lovers out there.




3. Blended



The abstract and vibrant bursts of color on this print will look gorgeous no matter what you wear with it. Play up the colors with our pieces from our ultra-soft legging collection HERE.




4. How Deep Is Your Love?




The mesmerizing and rich blue roses on this hoodie soothe your soul and the LED lights bring it all to life. This pop of color is not your typical Fall floral print which everyone will surely appreciate.




5. #1 Stunna




If you can never get enough of adorable cats then this is the perfect hoodie for you. This precious kitten wearing Ray Bans and a leather belt will get you all of the attention and laughs everywhere you go. The LED’s will definitely ‘lighten’ the mood as well.




6. Curl It Up




If you’re more of a dog person then this design may be more of your speed. This hilarious fashion conscious pup has its tongue out and curlers in its hair. People will definitely be doing double takes and laughing when they see this hoodie.




7. Gnosis




This psychedelic ‘90s-Esque print features rich orange and teal pigments. There are plenty of hidden shapes and lines that also adds interest to it. If you plan on wearing this to a show check out some accessories from our Glow Factory to elevate the look.




8. Cray




This rave inspired light pattern is a clever way to rep the EDM culture and lifestyle anywhere you are. The spiraling neon colors and green LED zipper will earn you compliments at any festival or music event.




9. King of the Jungle


If you shop at iEDM, chances are you are a fierce and bold trendsetter and deserve a design that reflects that. This all over print tiger hoodie does exactly that and the compelling white LEDs along with it will leave anyone speechless.




10. Check Mate





If you prefer simpler yet bolder patterns, the Check Mate hoodie will suit you well. The square print is amplified with the shades of blues and greens. The potential outfits with this type of design are unlimited!


Can’t get enough of LED fashion? Check out our one of a kind Glow Factory Collection HERE for light up sneakers, gloves, glasses, and much more!


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Arooj Mustansir

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