Besties Take Halloween: Costumes You and Your Gal Pal Should Rock

Besties Take Halloween: 5 Costumes You And Your Gal Pal Should Rock
| October 21, 2016

In just a few short weeks, the weekend we all have been waiting for will finally have arrived. Yes, it is true that we revolve the month of October around pumpkin-flavored things but more importantly, we revolve it around Halloween.

Planning your moves for Hallo-weekend is always anxiety-provoking; considering there are so many shows and fests taking place with all-star lineups and themes, you really gotta pick and choose wisely. But we've decided to cut you some slack and help you tackle one of the factors that go into having a perfect Halloween: having the perfect costume and cocktail to accompany it.

It always gets frustrating when you and your bestie head into a costume store all hyped up over the costume options to only be let down by all the lame options. But not to worry, we're gonna help you out here, gals, and show you some costumes that would be perfect for you and your bestie to rock. You'll look like two peas in a pod and absolutely dominate the costume game this year.


Black Widows

There is nothing "itsy-bitsy spider" about these slay-worthy leather rompers! My spidey senses are not only tingling, but are telling me that this combo of the red Black Widow romper and white Web Spinner romper is a match made in heaven. These rompers may not make you able to miraculously shoot webs out of your hands, but they will without a doubt make the jaws of anyone who lays eyes on you drop.


Ahoy Captain! 

Ay Ay Captain! Okay honestly, how cute are these matching sailor rompers, equipped with little matching hats and all? You'll be ready to take on any high tides or festival that comes your way! 


Besties To The Rescue

Being a superhero is ALWAYS a solid choice when it comes to costumes! You really can't go wrong with them, but something even better than saving the world and being the hero we all need is having someone by your side to help you do it. No one would be able to take on the combined forces of Iron Woman and Wonder Woman!


Minnie Mouse & Daisy Duck

When thinking on iconic duos in TV history, the ultimate lady duo that comes to mind is Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. Who even needs Mickey or Donald anyways when you got each other?



If you and your bestie are down to go all out this year is the costume department, then obviously some wings have to be incorporated into your fit. Angels and Devils are so last season, because now it's all about butterflies. Go, be free- be the lil' pink and orange butterflies you guys were made to be!

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