Bonnaroo Drops MASSIVE Diverse Lineup For 2019

| January 09, 2019

Holy Space Jesus, Bonnaroo’s 2019 lineup was just announced, and as we’ve come to expect from the peeps over at Superfly, the lineup is dope, crunchy, sick, banging and all around stacked.

Three sets of Phish, ODESZA, Post Malone, Grand Ole Opry, and Childish Gambino? This is why Bonnaroo holds the crown for a classic US festival favorite- diverse, dynamic, and strange.

Bonnaroo has always made a serious, well-considered point, to curate their lineups in a way that allows everyone and anyone to find something they like. 2019 is no exception to that rule.

Check out the epic lineup below: 

If you are craving that electro-soul with a little wobble to its womp, catch GRIZ at his Superjam on Friday, and follow it up with Gramatik on Saturday.

Is your Jersey Shore friend dying for some hip-hop with some latin trap flair? Go with her and check out Cardi B’s set. People won’t judge, and you might just like it.

Need to slow it down some? Team up with your country-boy-turned-festie-kid campsite neighbor, and tag along to something he holds as truly special. Go find out what the hell people are talking about when they say the name “John Prine.” You might not become his biggest fan, but you’ll experience something new and hopefully gain a bit of understanding of those people we call our neighbors.

This is what Bonnaroo is all about, after all. Superfly does not spend hundreds of thousands of man-hours producing one of the largest music events of the year simply because it is one way to pay the rent. They do it because their team is passionate about bringing people together, creating life-changing experiences, and filling the world with lifelong memories of outstanding music and unforgettable friendships.

Bonnaroo 2019 is being hosted in Manchester, TN on June 13-16. This is a loud and clear reminder for those of you who have not already requested off work, bought your tickets, and secured whatever planes, trains, and automobiles you need to get there.

Check out the full lineup and get your Tickets HERE.  


Check out Bonnaroo's Top 10 Totems HERE


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