Camp Bisco 2019 Review: A Festival that Outshines the Rest

| July 29, 2019

Festivals that are founded by musicians have a history of long term success because they are crafted with a remarkable passion for genuine music and art. Camp Bisco’s latest year is a clear testament to that. The east coast festival was founded by The Disco Biscuits, who are iconic creators and music enthusiasts that have an impeccable ear for groundbreaking music in all forms.

What started off as a humble celebration of jam and electronic music has blossomed into the Northeast’s most treasured festival that keeps thousands coming back for more. This past weekend was one of Camp Bisco’s most memorable and versatile years ever, and it is only getting stronger thanks to all the dedicated fans that call the mountain home.


Countless Adventures to Keep You Cool 



Credit: Camp Bisco


What truly sets Camp Bisco so far apart from typical festivals are all the activities you can partake in while enjoying the music. With a water park on-site at Montage Mountain, there was no shortage of ways to beat the sweltering heat while raging with friends and strangers alike. The lazy river that encircles the area was a popular spot where attendees could simply float around the grounds if they were looking for something more relaxing. There were also a series of water park rides and slides for those that wanted to go all out in their bass fueled adventures. Of course, we can’t forget the beloved wave pool at Above the Waves which gave attendees a prime view of the stage production while being home to some of the rowdiest sets all weekend.

If swimming wasn’t your thing, there were still many other ways to get involved and see the mountain in all its glory. You could get a breathtaking view of the entire venue by going on an exhilarating zip-lining trip across the grounds! Anyone that I talked to that went zip lining raved about how it was one of the most special things you can experience at Camp Bisco. The festival even held a 5K run and had Color Wars competitions for its fiercely competitive attendees that love challenges. 


Unparalleled Music Experiences 


The moment I saw this year’s lineup, I knew Camp Bisco was going to have some of the most riveting performances of the year and every set I saw surpassed all my expectations. The main stage known as Electric City was the spot for experimental bass when the festival began Thursday.

It started off with the distinctive sounds of Russ Liquid Test, Huxley Anne, along with a Space Jesus and Friends takeover that was nothing short of awe-inspiring. STS9 kept the energy elevated before The Disco Biscuits played their first set of the weekend at the stage. The most jaw-dropping act of the night was Tipper’s relentlessly mind-boggling performance. The set was filled with dreamy visuals along with his unpredictable yet compelling style and arguably went down as one of the greatest sets in Camp Bisco’s history.



There was also plenty of incredible electronic music at the Above the Waves stage with sets from Australian producer Mr. Bill and rising star Mersiv. Mersiv’s set left fans talking for days with its raw emotion and euphoric quality that has garnered him well deserved attention.

Liquid Snails which was one of Camp Bisco’s unique collaborative acts finished things off strong that night at the stage and left fans eager for more of their intensity.


Credit: Silver Stone Media 

Friday continued with the theme of electronic heavyweights along with renowned jam bands. Although the heat was especially intense that day, attendees had plenty of options to keep cool while catching their favorite artists, whether it was through dancing in the wave pool or unwinding in the shaded seats at Electric City.

A few of the most acclaimed electronic sets from that afternoon included Ganja White Night’s bass-heavy performance and Mr. Bill Gates, which featured illustrious producers ill.Gates and Mr. Bill whose collective style blew everyone away.


Jam band fans were also in luck that day as Twiddle gave a heartfelt and uplifting performance before the Disco Biscuits treated them to another sensational show. The festival ended on a high note that night with a performance from Bassnectar who has been bringing mayhem to Camp Bisco for over 10 years. The set was filled with plenty of his classic bangers along with soft and whimsical moments that brought it all together in a beautiful way.



Day 3 was my personal favorite because of the artist diversity and the emotional moments that took place. Kursa and StickyBuds were the first acts I saw and their one of a kind soundscapes along with their enthusiasm was the perfect way to start things off. LSDream aka Brillz new project followed StickyBuds at The Office and its ethereal nature had the entire crowd beaming with joy. To make things even more magical, someone had the opportunity to propose on stage in the middle of the set which was definitely an unforgettable moment.

Some other notable performances included Liquid Stranger and Bleep Bloop’s obscenely heavy sets at Above the Waves. Since the lineup was filled with so many legendary UK producers, it was fitting that the king of UK dubstep himself Rusko finished things off there with a high-energy show. On the more melodic side, Odesza gave one of the final performances of their tour at Electric City which made it that much more touching.


Renegade Set Madness 

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If you are a night owl and like to keep the party going well after the official sets, Camp Bisco is the ideal place for you because it has the ultimate renegade parties in terms of quality acts and production. The sets took place at the Good Looks renegade stage and were presented by The Goodbus and Soundsystem Cultures who are behind many of the legendary after parties at festivals. 

Each night attendees were blessed with insane back to back sets along with solo acts that went on until the sun rose. Some of the highlights from this year included Space Jesus b2b Minnesota b2b Huxley Anne, and the Slug Wife takeover on the last night. Many of the artists chosen are known for pushing boundaries with their innovative styles and it was clear that attendees broadened their horizons and left with enrichened music tastes because of these sets.


Credit: Camp Bisco

This was my first time at Camp Bisco and it didn’t take long before I decided that it would be one of the festivals I intend to return to every summer. Not only are the lineups consistently eclectic and the best of festival season, but there are so many things about Montage Mountain itself and the community that make it all worthwhile.

When it comes to the location, the amenities at the waterpark and immersive activities paired with the gorgeous views can win anyone over. Most importantly, everyone I encountered at the festival made me feel welcomed and was eager to show me what the festival was all about. That strong sense of community and loving atmosphere was the cherry on top of an already incredible weekend. I cannot wait to witness this festival’s continuous growth and magic for years to come!


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