China's Rising EDM Scene

| August 02, 2016

EDM is almost a complete global phenomenon. There are shows across nearly ever major continent and it has spread from one culture to the next.

China has yet to have it's mainstream explosion, but it has slowly been trembling in the land of the sleeping dragon. China faces more obstacles than other countries for the exchange of foreign ideas, that includes music.

Many producers and promoters have found it difficult to proliferate their music because of Chinese bans on social media and music sharing platforms. This is slowing down as festivals like STORM are able to draw in big names from Europe and America to cities like Beijing and Guangzhou. For the locals, in order to combat this suppression and enable this music in China, a flourishing native scene has flowered.

China's Rising Acts 

A Dutch promoter called Art of Dance was able to get connected with some Shanghai producers and DJs. A lot of their music has now been able to be shared in one form or another for the rest of the world through SoundCloud. 

The majority of all of these artists have that rebellious spirit that distinguishes musicians and artists from the other's around them. It's only been 10 years since a foreign music ban was lifted; it used to be risky business to get music. 

Dexter King is just one example. He spent his time in illegal CD shops before mixing a conglomeration of culture and genre to make his current sound.

Some other local names from Shanghai include artists like Chace who has been able to work and tour with artists like Yellow Claw.

While another artist named Tsunano has found himself indulging in reggae music taste and producing in that vein. 

These three names are part of the rising Chinese EDM scene. It wouldn't be a surprise to see them gain national prominence in the future.

A globalized culture has been brewing since the dawn of civilization. Rising dance scenes in China and across the world are great indicators of the future of music and what can come next. 

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