Costumes By The Decade

| October 25, 2016

Every rave and party we go to there is the chance to dress crazy and out of this world. Halloween takes this to another level. You can be anything you want to be and get even crazier than usual.

Some of the best costumes come by invoking the past. Halloween is the time to dress fun, experiment styles, and look our best. Here are the tops costumes by decade. 


Our first order of business has to come from the 1960s. It is decade of counterculture. Without this decade we wouldn't have our trippy colors, tie-dye, and all around good vibes. 

Ladies go out and get groovy with this happy hippie costume that will make you feel like you just left Haight-Ashbury on a cool fall night. Imagine yourself transported in time to an Learian Age of exploration and revolution, but now in a sea of flashing lights and good times. Add a pair of diffraction glasses for both the ladies and guys to look Lennon-esque and look like your watching a yellow submarine. 


The 1970s wasn't just the next decade, it was also the spiritual successor to the 1960s. Long hair and all other hippie aspects had slid into the mainstream.

Our shaggy chic costume will get you feeling like you just came off the disco dance floor. Paired with its own raving boots you'll be ready to tear up the new age festival circuit or party like a Halloween Goddess. 


This decade was filled with weirdness. With this unique brand of strange, we can really get weird with our costumes. One of the first things you'll need in any strange 1980s costume is a pair of good goggles.

Everything about this decade screamed electronic and steampunk in some way. So it's really about adding together a lot of different elements to get to that perfect costume. Don't forget to include a good pair of neon lights to take with you everywhere you go. 


Finally we have our last decade of the 20th century! For many, this was our decade filled with nostalgia and early childhood. Put some high socks and flats paired with our 90s swoop shorts to get you in the 1999 mood.

These shorts are perfect to be paired with a rocking sweatshirt. Uniformity is all the rage on Halloween and with this double set, you'll look all the part of a good old 90s kid. 

Check out some of these costumes and see if you can get even more creative with the your ideas!

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