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Daft Punk & The Weeknd Collaboration: Is A Future Tour in Store for Fans?

| October 03, 2016

The Weeknd has always captivated fans with his dark unparalleled sound. During his early years before mainstream recognition and success, you could call what he did alternative-R&B. As he got more famous and popular, his sound evolved while maintaining what made him unique in the first place.

It has been just a little bit over a year since we heard Beauty Behind the Madness, one of the many hits from that album was Cant Feel My Face, which promptly became a hit. The song was something we had never seen The Weeknd do before, but old fans and new ones grew to love it. A superstar act like him was only bound to work with EDM royalty sooner or later. 

Collaborating with Daft Punk on "Starboy"

The name of the album and the first single, "Starboy" has been been lauded and criticized, but regardless of your overall opinion, this collaboration has produced a hit. The Weeknd has put a lot of artistic spin into this release, cutting off his famous locks and creating a new persona.

The album and subsequent Daft Punk touring rumors have only begun. The last two tours that the duo embarked on were in 1997 and 2007, it would only seem fitting for them to headline their own tour 10 years later in tradition. There were some rumors of them appearing at Lollapalooza that were quickly shut down.

Sources have shot down any way that they may tour. But in the era of trying to hold secrecy, this could be a huge red herring. We don't know if Daft Punk produced any other songs with The Weeknd yet or if they're planning. While we wait to see what they do, enjoy seeing your favorite robots again appear briefly on a portrait. Watch as The Weeknd destroys his old identity and becomes the Starboy. 

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