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Deadmau5's New Cube

| August 17, 2016

Earlier this summer, Deadmau5 revealed that he was bringing back his cube stage design. This stage was a focal point of his live production during his 4x4=12 album tour, and a production that has kept him as one of the top live electronic acts

Deadmau5 had been teasing the new version of the cube for a while. Now that the Veld Music Festival has passed, fans got to see their first glimpse of the stage in action. 

Concept of the Cube

Prior to the release at the festival, Deadmau5 had been revealing the concept and creation of the cube. He began creating the cube using the Unreal Engine program. This is a software usually used to create video games. 

Deadmau5 is also interested in adding a virtual reality element to his shows. He's been working on this VR construction and design alongside the unveiling of the new cube. During his closing set he showed off just a bit of the new cube design. The main stage displayed the artisan crafted cube. 

Attention to detail like this is something that Deadmau5 takes great care with. He's quite connected to the technological and video game world. It's all part of his larger allure as a main stage producer and DJ. 

Pushing the Live Show Element

More DJs want to set themselves apart and push the envelope in a live show. Deadmau5 has been doing this ever since his inception into the scene. As one of the leading founders, he's found his success in his signature style. 

It wasn't just about the simplistic long-winding beats Deadmau5 would play, but the attitude and image around the show. His lit up helmet is a signature that fans have loved and made him an icon. 

The new stage adds another needed visual element that has taken things to the next level. At this point the team has said that there will be a few more tweaks before the stage is absolutely finished. In its current state, the stage is bringing a brand new element to Deadmau5's shows.

We look forward to the full reveal of the cube and fingers crossed for a tour.


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