Dear Santa, What I Really Want For The Holidays Is....

| December 02, 2016

Ho Ho Ho! 'Tis the season for all things festive. No matter what you will be celebrating this holiday season, we all know the number one things on your list is festival tickets. In addition to tickets why not add a brand new outfit to your must-have list?

Whether you've been naughty or nice this year, iEDM doesn't judge.

1. Taco Cat:

If you've been feeling guilty about all the tacos you've eating this past year, I promise Santa will look the other way. Just make sure you leave some tacos out for him when he's breaking into your house to leave you presents.

2. Harambe:

Some crazy things went down in 2016, and that's putting it incredibly lights. The thing we all agreed on this year though was that Harambe didn't deserve to die. RIP Harambe, keep the memory alive. Maybe one day auto-correct will catch up to society and stop correcting Harambe to chamber.

3. Rainbow Unicorn:

Unicorns do exist, and the vomit rainbows. If you believe in magic and unicorns maybe Santa will make sure this ends up under your tree.

4. Pizza Kitty:

Roar! Pizza kitty will protect you from all things evil in the world, like anchovies on pizza.

5. Rainbow Bass:

Let that bass cannon hit ya. It's always a good time for dubstep and heavy bass.

Regardless what you're celebrating this holiday season, iEDM wishes you the very best. Stay PLUR and spread good vibe.


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