EDC Essentials: 10 Must-Haves for EDC Las Vegas

| June 09, 2015

You think you’re ready, don’t you?

Except you forgot one thing: what gear you should pack in your suitcase! Click back and sit back, as we take you along for the listicle ride that is the 10 Must Have Items for EDC Vegas.

So maybe you forgot ten things, really, not one thing. Actually, it’s still one thing if you just consider this list of ten things one thing. But, I digress. Let’s get this list going, you’ve got three days of vibes to pack for!

#10 American Rave Flag Tank Top

As you’re surrounded by a sea of people all joined together for the same cause of enjoying themselves, raging to the music, and spreading good vibes, you might find yourself suddenly overwhelmed. Why do you ask? Because if it weren’t for the land of the free and the home of the brave, none of this would be possible. Hold back your tears and wear this tee that celebrates this sentiment, instead of bawling your eyes out. I know, I know, it’s hard.

#9 Darby Dip Captain's Hat

O, captain! My captain! You look so groovy and ready for some muskrat love with something like this atop your head. Part Salvador Dali and part Sargeant Pepper, send both of those pop culture relics into 2015 right by donning this cap and manning the ship towards Electric Daisy Carnival.

#8 Wayfarer Diffraction Glasses

Back in the day Corey Hart wore his sunglasses at night so he could watch you weave, then breath your storylines, and keep track of the visions in your eyes. Now, 31 years after that 80’s banger’s release, things are perhaps a little different. With multiple selections of frame and wire coloring, the variety you can get out of these shades are endless - not to mention you can get them sound activated, as well. So, if you wanna look classy when the bass finally drops, get these wayfarer model luminescent glasses and you can be the most magical hipster in all the land.

#7 Cat Hero Tee

I’ve heard of Highlander Cat’s and I’ve heard of Highlander...but a CAT HIGHLANDER? Now you talkin’ crazy, dog (cat). Now, even though there can only be one highlander - wear this tee to EDC and take a vacation from all that serious stuff. Share the love, strength, and all encompassing power of your mighty sword so that - if not just for one night - there can be so many Highlanders.

#6 Astronaut Pals Tank Top

At the Electric Daisy Carnival not only are you likely to make strong connections and bonds with unlikely pairs, but you’re also bound to lose track of them while you dance through your proverbial celestial plains and into the muddled crowd space. Wear this crop top not only to show your support for unique couples (in this instance it’s a Panda and a cat but who knows what kind of weird shit you might get into at EDC) but also sport it to serve as a reminder that no matter how far you drift apart, you still are all on the same team in this beautiful universe.

#5 Kaleidoscope Diffraction Goggles

You know how they say that really happy, optimistic, and contented people like to “look at the world through rose colored glasses?”

Thats. Old. News.

It’s time to take that to the next level, y’all. With this set of kaleidoscope goggles not only can you trump that old idiom by seeing the world through MULTI-colored GOGGLES, but you can also marry the two awesome worlds of steampunk and PLUR lifestyles.

#4 Alpha Wolf Tank Top

The detractors will all tell you that wolves are savage beasts by nature. That’s false. They actually have a high sense of loyalty and that whole “lone wolf” adage is a hunk of phooey, too. Wolves are social, communicative creatures - and so are you. That’s why this colorful Wolf tank would look so great on you, showing off how vibrant of a creature both you and the majestic wolf are.

#3 Because I Got High Tank Top

 The symbiotic relationship between drug culture and rave culture are undeniable and quite potent. While some EDC-goers (see: most) will most likely prefer to dabble (see: more than dabble) with some more serious vibe-inducing combinations of chemicals, there are those who may want to just kick it old school with some greenery. Rep your 4/20 pride in June at EDC by sporting this leafy tank.

#2 Galaxy Romper & Tube Top

Want to turn heads? Want to inspire a future super-hero comic about a galactic gal who both simultaneously haunts the dreams of many admirers but also the nightmares of evil do-ers everywhere? Then this is the set for you. Rock this bad boy at EDC and you’ll achieve full mobility whilst also guarding the galaxy. We are groot.

#1 Ace Ventura Jammypack

Okay, here’s a quick SAT question for you to chew on. Swiss Army Knives are to campers like the Urbanpack Ventura (Ace) is to …

If you guessed an EDC goer, then you’re right. This thing is friggin’ stacked with all the on-the-go essentials an EDM enthusiasts little quickly beating heart could ever desire. With this super-pack you can charge your phone, play some wicked stuff through your built in (and removable) speaker, hold your laptop, the list goes on. It’s pretty undeniable and also is hipster-chic enough to just use any old time.

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