EDCLV To Debut New Trance Stage 2017

| February 19, 2017

Back in December, New Yorker's were devastated to find out that EDC NY would not be returning this year.

Even though New York is so such an amazing state, it has hard to predict weather, which makes it difficult for festivals to find success here.

While EDCNY may not be returning, insomniac is still killing the festival game and working on making EDCLV the biggest and best it's ever been.

This year EDCLV will be debuting a never before seen stage presented by Dreamstate, Insomniac's trance brand. 

EDC has a reputation for being 'THE' premier EDM festival to attend as it is one of the biggest in the world, and for good reason.

The insomniac brand is always looking to change up EDC and give it new things so that each year you have more and more to look forward to. Adding the trance stage is just one more way that EDC is upping the game this year.

EDC is known for pulling in the biggest names in EDM so now we can only wonder which DJs they'll get to take the stage come June. Especially since trance DJs are notoriously known for liking more intimate stages and settings.

So the questions that remain are, what will the stage be like, where will it be located, and who can we expect to see? Regardless, trance lovers everywhere can rejoice and join together at the QuantumValley stage where trance will play for all three days.

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