Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 20th Anniversary Review

| June 24, 2016

There were three nights of ritualistic madness flowing from the dark night into the twilight of early dawn. Out in the middle of the Las Vegas desert was a place where over 300,000 ravers of the night gathered to share in the greatest dance tradition to appear in this world, EDC Las Vegas.

If you managed to make it all three days like I did, you've seen and been through a lot, and all for the better. This year did not disappoint, it was perhaps the greatest EDC ever and a top festival for years to come.  

Travel Time 

There were a lot of different paths for getting down to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Many people choose to drive, others were sent to the armada of shuttles departing from various hotels along the Vegas Strip.

They say half the fun is getting there and this proved to be true, most of the time. The lines were long to get onto the shuttles, but that only proved to be a great place for strangers to become friends, stories told, and new bonds formed. Great music paved the way beneath the sunset mountains in the Nevada desert. 

Enter the Speedway 

As the shuttles pulled in, you could see the flashing lights beginning to stir from the various stages. Great carnival-esque banners shone with the EDC name with phrases like "You are home," and "Welcome Headliners." It was true too, for those who had never been there and veterans alike, it was truly home for the three day weekend. Everywhere you went, there were smiling faces, lights beaming from every direction, neon rainbows and a selection of different people from all over the country and world. 

There was something for every type of festival goer here. There were stages packed with some of the most massive artists to ever enter the scene. The main stages offered a countless amount of spectacle to keep your eyes and ears glued to the masterpieces unfolding ahead of you. The smaller stages hosted other great artists across the vast spectrum of EDM genres such as bass and trance.

If you didn't come to party, then this wasn't the place to be. There were vivid light shows everywhere you went, fire coming off the moving art cars and surprise DJ sets everywhere. At any moment the Electric Sky could be lit up with a bedazzled display of fireworks that seemed to never end, putting to shame some of the best Fourth of July shows.

Rides everywhere offered thrills to those bold enough to jump on them, a ride on top of the many ferris wheels led the way for idyllic moments to take hold as you looked out over the festival like some Neon God. 


Enter the Vibe

There were beautiful people of all kinds dressed how ever they wanted. Dance like a fool and feel the vibe, there was never a time to worry. The many different people EDC LV brought out was unprecedented. Outfits were carefully crafted or just thrown together however people would see fit.

This was a also a year that saw no losses of our fellow festive familia, there was always a helping soul along the way. Acts of respect were put to the test through actions witnessed countless of times. It allowed for people to enjoy what they all came here for. 

Major artists released brand new music, debuting it to a well deserved crowd. There was a slew of guest performances by John Legend, Ty Dolla Sign, Soulja boy, just to name a few. 

People still had the same amount of energy, if not more from the opening hours to the end of the set as the full moon faded from the sky readying itself to reveal the newly risen sun.

EDC Las Vegas 20th Forever 

There's no mistaking this festival for anything else, it's the definition of one of a kind. As most festivals are winding down at midnight, EDC is only ramping up the party. EDC takes that Las Vegas bright light city mantra and incarnates it in the heart of the desert.

If the 20th was any indication of how the festival is growing and maturing, there's no telling how much crazier it can get. It has only begun. Tweet us at @iEDMOfficial and tell us your wonderful experiences at EDC, as always see you next year! 


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