Electric Forest 2017 Announced Two-Weekend Expansion And What It Means

| September 10, 2016

Electric Forest has announced that it is officially expanding to two weekends next year. Despite its growing group of Foresters, the festival has been able to retain it's signature mellow and intimate vibe. 

The website stated that none of the four days in each weekend will have the same lineup. For any artists that do play multiple sets during the same weekend or added weekend, they will play different music. 

Fans are able to buy for either weekend, but not allowed to stay on the grounds in between both weekends. There's not going to be any price raise and the tickets will stay the same price.

Reactions from Foresters

The reaction to the new announcement has been mixed. On one hand it is great for the fact that Electric Forest, one of the premiere camping festivals is expanding. In order to account for this expansion they're lowering capacity each weekend by ten percent. Some have expressed incredible excitement! Others aren't too happy.

The two weekends will take place on June 22-25 and June 29-July 2. There's some great points to be made for why this is positive. Electric Forest is an amazing experience and because it sells out so fast, not everyone is able to be included in the wonder of it all.  

There are some points though that Foresters may contend with. Having two weekends makes it harder to pick. Electric Forest also stated that this isn't just for growth's sake, but because they saw it as necessary to advance the experience. 

Sure, there may be people who have the luxury to go both weekends, but logistically will be hard. But if they do end up staying, it's a great boost to the local towns that house this amazing festival. 

Final Say

Electric Forest will be releasing each lineup at the same time so that people can choose who they want to see. It's a welcome refresh from having to scurry to buy tickets that you know will be instantly sold out.

Each individual weekend will have its own character to it and by that it will also allow for more people to grow in the movement and have a great time experiencing the Forest. There's always more room for inclusion. 

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