Electric Forest 2016 Preview

| June 23, 2016

For the uninitiated and past Foresters, it's that time of year again. Ahead of all of us is the 2016 Electric Forest in Rothbury, Michigan. This great adventure is for the masses who enjoy art, music, and becoming part of the Forest Family. 

The Layout

The stages inhabit all areas of the beautiful forest. There's the Tripolee, housing hard bass music with new extravagant design elements every year. The Ranch House, which is considered the main stage of Electric Forest, features new artistic designs from contributing artists around the world.

There is a ferris wheel that offers rides all day and night, allowing spectators to witness the incredible layout of the Electric Forest. After seeing the views, head on over to The Giving Tree to give and receive a gift from the tree.

There is also Yoga with Hannah Muse at the Tripolee Stage if you need a good stretch from dancing all night.

Arguably best part of the festival is Sherwood Forest, a magical area with art installations that you should allow yourself to get lost in for hours. It has so many beautiful structures thoughtfully designed with colorful LED light production for nigh time wanderers.

The Campgrounds

There are a few different areas of camping at the forest. There are the general admission campgrounds. Then there are also Maplewoods Camping, surrounded by trees, located a few spots away from the GA Campgrounds and extremely close from the entrance.  There is also a group camping area for if you've brought along an entire squad.

The Good Life is a VIP area with shortcuts into the Forest that offers the full experience known as the "Enchanted Campground."

The Music

All around the festival is something for everyone. The lineup has everyone from main stage acts like Bassnectar, to even Fetty Wap, up and coming producers and jam bands too. The electronic scene knows no limits and takes up everything and everyone in between. 

Make sure to use your Electric Forest app to create plans for the four days and make sure to be properly prepared. Setting up a schedule will allow you to see all the artists you want to see. 

Electric Forest on the Horizon

The four days at the festival are going to be fun packed with anything you could ever think of. In the magical Sherwood Forest, you'll see the art installations and everything that has gone into making this one of the best experiences it can be.

For those of you heading out on the trek to Forest, happy camping and we will see you there. 


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