[FESTIVAL REVIEW] D.C. Hosts Its Third Successful Year of Project GLOW

Project GLOW 2024

Project GLOW 2024 illuminated Washington D.C. with pulsating beats and electrifying vibes during the two-day festival on April 27 & 28. While not yet a household name, this festival is destined to be an East Coast dance staple.

Now in its third year, Project GLOW shined brighter than ever with its stage layout, production, pleasant staff and a stacked lineup that catered to a spectrum of sub-genres.  

The lineup featured a star-studded affair, boasting headliners such as Rezz, ILLENIUM, Elderbrook, and Zedd alongside local artists and emerging idols like it’s murph and LF System

Taking place at RFK Fairgrounds, the festival was located in perfect proximity to the metro, making it easily accessible. 

Knock2 Project GLOW 2024

Going into Day 1, the forecast was cloudy with a slight drizzle, but everyone was ready to rave. Walking in, I was greeted with warmth by the friendly security personnel.

The first thing I noticed was that the three stages were situated conveniently in a straight line, different from the triangular setup the year prior. I also noticed the art installations like Rise and Electra which further enhanced the experience amid the already buzzing energy. 

Project GLOW 2024

Each stage had its own unique ambiance: Secret Garden was intimate and vibrant, while the Pulse Stage was a good medium size for more chill vibes and the Eternal Stage (aka the main stage) was huge and exciting.

I started the day at the main stage for NOTD and Ship Wrek’s electrifying performances before heading to Pulse for three hours of deep house bliss.  

Project GLOW 2024

I was in awe at Sultan + Shepherd’s set before Nora en Pure took the stage and entranced me even more. Though only one of the two members of Tinlicker were present, the set was incredible and included one of my favorite tracks, “Hide U” that seemed to be a crowd favorite as well. 

I was debating keeping the deep house vibes going with Lane 8, but ultimately decided I should give ILLENIUM a try. 

Though ILLENIUM isn't typically on my dance music rotation, his set was by far my favorite, taking the crowd through a multitude of emotions. From start to finish, I found myself immersed in a state of euphoria.

The seamless blend of heartfelt vocals and thunderous drops followed by fireworks and fire created a captivating contrast that had a lasting impact on me.  

Day 2 was a much needed 75 degree sunny day. Arriving a bit late, I kicked off the day bouncing around with high energy courtesy of it’s murph and LF System. Then, I headed to the Rise art installation for a fan meetup with influencer and legend Tony P, who was swarmed with fans wanting photos.

I headed back to the main stage for TroyBoi who delivered one of the standout sets of the weekend. Fusing popular hip-hop tracks by artists like Kendrick Lamar and sprinkling in his own infectious hits, he had the crowd singing and jumping from start to finish. 

Said the Sky took the main stage shortly after, curating an emotional rollercoaster with his soaring melodies and emotive basslines. 

Two Friends had a tough set to follow, but they brought the heat with an outstanding performance filled with their signature mashup mastery.

Though I didn't see much of ARAZE B2B Wax Motif, I could tell when walking by that the set was a fan-favorite. 

Toward the end of the day, I headed to Pulse for a mesmerizing set from Elderbrook before popping back over to LF System’s second set at Secret Garden which erupted with energy. 

Wrapping up the second and final day was none other than the legend, Zedd whose electrifying performance was complemented by a dazzling visual spectacle and breathtaking firework display. As the night drew to a close, the departure from the festival grounds was remarkably smooth, devoid of any overwhelming congestion. 

Post-festival excitement reached its peak as eager fans headed to Echostage for an epic B2B finale with Zedd and Knock2. Their performance bridged Zedd's timeless hits with Knock2's bass-heavy beats, resulting in a truly unique and exhilarating experience.

Despite the day-long revelry, the crowd showed no signs of slowing down, demonstrating an unparalleled level of energy and enthusiasm that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of Project GLOW.

Project GLOW 2024

Overall, Project GLOW delivered a weekend filled with PLUR, unforgettable performances, and a sense of communal bliss that left attendees craving more. As the festival continues to evolve, fans are eagerly anticipating what the future holds.

With its commitment to providing an unparalleled experience for attendees, Project GLOW is set to become a cornerstone of the East Coast dance scene for years to come.  


Photos courtesy of Project GLOW/ Insomniac Events


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| May 02, 2024

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