Football Fashion: Tailgate Essentials

| November 10, 2016

The entire day of Sunday is dedicated to one thing, football. It’s one of those fabulous things that brings people together, unless you’re a Patriot’s fan, in which case – sit down.

When it comes to football you want to make sure you are prepared for lots of movement to celebrate a win. However, if you’re not too used to being a fan of a winning team, that’s why they made booze.

If you’re attending the game you already know the rules, no purses or bags are allowed in the stadium. Because of this, its best to plan ahead with what your wearing so you don't leave anything important behind.

We’ve compiled a list of items to make sure you get to have most fun, rep your team, and enjoy the company of others without worrying or freezing.


Whether you're tailgating or just preparing for the long game, there’s a good chance you’ll get cold. Football is played entirely outdoors so there’s relatively nowhere to go to escape the frigid weather. Especially if it’s snowing, you’ll wish you had a blanket with you. Think ahead and keep a blanket in your car. Honestly, keeping a blanket in your car is just a smart idea anyways, but especially for football games.



Sunglasses are the number one staple for every outfit no matter the season. The bonus side is they can hide your tears when your team is losing. In case of a butt fumble replay just put on your shades and sip your beer. It's hard being a Jet's fan, but somebodies got to do it. One of these years we'll have a winning season, I hope....

Crazy Hats:

Have I mentioned football season is cold? One sure way to help stay warm while enjoying the game is with a fuzzy winter hat. If you've ever been to a game you know that people will sometimes wear stuff that is a little, out there. Which makes our animal hats the perfect accessory. Find one that matches your team colors and you'll end up looking like a super fan.


One thing that’s definite when heading to the stadium is that you’re going to want to rep your team. Everyone wants to show off their pride. However, sometimes being a fan of a losing team gets really old. Over your jersey, rock an awesome sweatshirt to hide your pain.

If you're heading to a rival teams stadium wear the sweatshirt on the way inside to blend in and then take it off once you get to your seat. Chances are you'll be sitting next to a rival team fan so the look on their face when they see your jersey will be worth it.

Stay warm and good luck to all of your teams for the rest of the season. However, that sentence does not apply to you if you're a patriots fan, cheaters.


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