Freaky Deaky 2016 Preview

| October 18, 2016

All Hallows Eve we gather together to come together and rave. There is no other place than in Chicago that offers one of the best Halloween raves. Freaky Deaky offers one of the best places to party on in a three days celebrating the Halloween weekend. 

Halloween holds a special place in everyone's hearts. We've been dressing up since children, trick or treating and enjoying the festive season. As we aged, we learned the entirely grown-up spectrum of Halloween and man were we impressed. 

People who've ever been to a show or festival know that it is license to dress however they please, but Halloween takes that to a different level. Freaky Deaky is no exception. 

Freaky Deaky Basics

Whose ready to get Freaky Deaky though? You've got three days ahead to mix and match all of your wildest costume ideas.

Freaky Deaky is located at Toyota Park in Glenview, Illinois. It's a suburb right out of the city of Chicago, being relatively close to the city. The show goes on from Friday to Sunday with a whole bunch of after parties in the city once the gates close.  

It's put on by React Presents, the same promoters who help put on many concerts in the Chicago and Detroit area as well as Spring Awakening Festival.

The Lineup

There are some major headliners coming to Chicago this Fall that include Disclosure and Tiesto just to name a few. If you thought festival season was over you were wrong.

Check out the ridiculous rest of the lineup and plot out who you're going to be seeing this year. Last year was a blast and its first transition into a three-day format, it seemed to work perfectly, and this year will not disappoint. 

Freaky Deaky
Toyota Park in Glenview, Illinois
Oct. 28-30 | 2 PM | 18+
Tickets available here

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