Funtcase & Cookie Monsta Talk Cookies, Dream Festival Lineup & Harambe in iEDM Exclusive Interview

Funtcase & Cookie Monsta Talk Cookies, Dream Festival Lineup & Harambe In iEDM Exclusive Interview
| September 22, 2016

On Friday of Zoo, the Hilltop Arena was turned into a very aesthetically pleasing crystal cave that happened to be graced with sets thrown down by the biggest, baddest bass champions in the game. 

Of this stacked lineup, there was one set that everyone was revolving their entire day around it because when they go back-to-back, everyone LOSES THEIR SH*T. Naturally, we're talking about Funtcase b2b Cookie Monsta.

I've never seen any artist go as insane and get as submerged into their sets as much as Funtcase and Cookie do, and them going b2b are a match made in dubstep heaven. Their bodies and souls get possessed when they throw down, the same which can be said for anyone else witnessing them live.

So I sat down to chat with this hilarious duo after their set and let me just tell you, things got a bit weird, but in the best way possible:

iEDM: You guys started going b2b fairly recently? When was the first time you guys went b2b?

Cookie: Our first b2b was actually back in 2011.

Funtcase: Yeah, we've been doing this a long time.


iEDM: How'd you guys get put on to play together in the first place?

Cookie: We got put on a show together, and then there was a video of us from the show that went big in the music scene online, and everyone was like, "oh sh*t." So everyone started booking us together rather than separately, and it kinda just became a thing.

iEDM: Awesome, how'd you guys come up with your names? I mean, do you like cookies?

Cookie: Yeah of course, who doesn't!

iEDM: *laughs* what's your favorite cookie?

Cookie: Just the chocolate chip ones.

iEDM: *looks at Funtcase* Do you like cookies? What's your favorite?

Funtcase: White chocolate chip.

Cookie: I f*ck with dat.

Funtcase: I also like the soft oatmeal raisin ones.

iEDM: You like oatmeal raisin?

Funtcase: Yeah I love oatmeal raisin!

Cookie: *looks away in disgust*

iEDM: Oh man, he is just not into it. I feel like those two cookies are just two different worlds.

Cookie: *looks at Funtcase* just, why?

Funtcase: It's tasty! It's a soft cookie! You're no longer my fellow DJ.

iEDM: So how'd you come up with the names?

Cookie: My last name is Cook, so I decided to make music under Cookie Monsta.

Funtcase: When I first made dubstep, I didn't like it and didn't think about doing it seriously. So I gave myself a stupid name of C***face, and I couldn't really perform with that name. I switched the letters and that's the joke of it. Some people get it, some people don't.


iEDM: Where do you guys get your inspiration from when making music?

Funtcase: I never really try to get inspired, if that makes weird sense. When I listen to music, I don't listen to anything close to what I make. I'm always listening to James Blake, Coldplay or Ed Sheeran, stuff that's not electric music. I try to make stuff that not everyone else is making because if I listen to like Barely Alive, Zomboy, Virtual Riot or anyone like that, I'll end up making subliminally what sounds like them. So I try not to do that.

Cookie: Sometimes I would just listen to a track and hear something out of that and be like, "wow," I kinda like that. But if I'm not inspired, then I'll just try to create what I would want to hear if I was in a club and just go from there, and hopefully make something decent.

iEDM: If you guys had to add someone and make this kind of like a love triangle, and go b2b2b with someone, who would it be? *looks at Funtcase* I actually put down in one of my posts before that a dream b2b would be you and 12th Planet.

Funtcase: *laughs* Hard to say, 12th makes sense. He plays similar stuff to what we play and he works with us.

Cookie: He has that bass-y, riddim-y sound, so yeah he would fit! 


iEDM: Let's say you guys could curate your own festival and choose 5 headliners of any genre. Who would those headliners be?

Funtcase: : Slipnot.

Cookie: Pendulum. Just because DJ set, and growing up listening to those guys was a huge influence. If I wanted to make money, I'd just put down the typical artists though.

Funtcase: If it was for the love of music, I'd do Slipnot, Nosia-

Cookie: Obviously Nosia.

Funtcase: I'd do Skrillex, he plays a wide range. I'd put Phiso.

Cookie: At a massive festival? 

Funtcase: Yeah! "Make some noise for Slipnot then Phiso!" 

Cookie: *laughs* and then Massive Attack for afterwards! 

Funtcase: And probably someone like Mobb Deep, or Prodigy.


iEDM: What kind of upcoming projects do you guys have? *looks at Cookie* You dropped your "Party Drink Smoke" remix today during your set that you've been teasing, what other stuff do you guys have?

Cookie: Two-track EP's, not really an EP but it's just two tracks. Just wanna keep the content going. A 4-track EP is good for a year, so if you do two tracks every few months, then it's easy to continue releasing stuff over 12 months, so that's the plan.

Funtcase: I'm finishing up collabs with people, nothing too special. 


iEDM: In theme of Electric Zoo, what would your spirit animal be?

Cookie: *roars* Tigerrrrrr!!! 

Funtcase: Or a lion! I'm a Leo.

iEDM: I'm a Leo too!

Funtcase: Nice! So yeah a lion because I'm a Leo, or a cat. I like to be stroked.

iEDM: If you guys could choose one meme to represent your life, which one would you choose?

Cookie: *laughs* I can't choose! There's too many!

Funtcase: The triggered memes are my favorite, because that's me- TRIGGERED! or the doggo memes. 

Cookie: I really can't choose, the amount of memes in this world today.

Funtcase: I'm not forgetting Harambe, in case that's what you're thinking. Our lord and savior. Never forget, it still hurts.

iEDM: Never forget. What's the weirdest thing to have happened to you guys, either in general or during a set?

Cookie: I once had sex with a fish, and planted an egg in it.

Funtcase: I actually watched this.

iEDM: Had sex with a fish?  

Cookie: A goldfish, actually. 

iEDM: And planted an egg as well? So you're a father? Are you expecting?

Cookie: Yes!

iEDM: Oh wow! Congratulations!

Cookie: *laughs*

Funtcase: Well, I'm gonna give you a normal answer. I got hit over the head with a stool once in Australia during my set.

Cookie: That's not abnormal, that's usual.

Funtcase: The guy was drunk and going crazy and he swung a stool and gashed my head open. I didn't even know I was bleeding until something was stroking my head.

iEDM: *laughs* Oh my god! You were probably feeling your head in the moment and were like, "whaaaat is this?"

Funtcase: Yeah, and I had to stop 45 minutes into my set.


iEDM: Alright final question, so we're gonna two really intense questions of "Would You Rather." Actually let's make it three! You guys down?

Cookie: Oh my god! 

Funtcase: Oh my god!

Cookie: Let's do it.


iEDM: Alright, would you rather only eat pancakes or waffles for the rest of your life?

Funtcase: Pancakes.

Cookie: See the thing is, UK pancakes and American pancakes are different. UK pancakes are NICE.

Funtcase: UK pancakes are what crepes are here. 

Cookie: Pancakes over here are like cakes. We have really tiny and thin, tasty pancakes rather than just SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR. So final answer... UK pancakes!


iEDM: Would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout when you talk?

Funtcase: *whispers* Whisper.

Cookie: Shout. *shouts* I LIKE SAUSAGES!

Funtcase: *whispers* Can I get a water?

Cookie: *shouts* NO YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY WATER!

iEDM: *laughs* you guys are obviously two different extremes!

Funtcase: It's funny because on stage, I'm the more crazy one and off-stage he's the crazy one. I'd rather whisper though, I like the quiet.


iEDM: *laughs* Last question, it's kind of weird but I feel like you guys would be into it. Would you rather have forks for fingers or spoons as toes?

Cookie: Spoons as toes, there's so much you have to do with your hands. You would accidentally kill people with your hands all the time.

Funtcase: : Spoons as toes. You have shoes which accommodate the toes, and at breakfast you're gonna be like, "ah this is so nice"-

*and then we all proceeded to imitate what it would be like to eat cereal if we had spoons as toes*

Safe to say this was one of the most hilarious and entertaining interviews I've ever done, so a very special thanks for Funtcase and Cookie Monsta (as well as their management for setting this up) for taking the time after their set to hang out and chat, and more importantly, for being down to be weird with me!

If you're blessed enough to attend a festival that has them going b2b as one of the acts playing, then it's a no-brainer that you've gotta see them do their thing and completely blow your minds (and eardrums as well).

Trust me, it's only been a few weeks post-Zoo and my ears are still ringing from their set.

But until you see them live, check Funtcase and Cookie Monsta on Soundcloud.


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