Gateway Tracks: 10 EDM Songs to Show Non-Believers

| June 22, 2015

The reaction to EDM music is usually met with groans and mockery from the general population. Bright neon lights and dark dance floors come to mind, while they opt for their hip-hop, rock, or whatever floats their boat. This can make it a struggle for fans of EDM to show off what they love, instead being forced to hide their chord progressions and bass drops behind headphones. However, fear not people. We have a list of ten EDM songs for you to show to all of your non-EDM-loving friends that are sure to turn them into full on fanatics.


1. Rather Be – Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne

While most people have heard this while driving their car this past year, the Grammy winner for Best Dance Recording deserves to make it on this list. With strong vocals, instruments you don’t normally find in EDM such as the violin, and uplifting beats, the song is instantly infectious and draws listeners in. It is a great starting point for any newbies to the world of EDM.


9. Lair – Crius

Despite being relatively unknown, the Japan-based Crius is sure to be making waves soon. Lair is filled with electro house beats that rise to the occasion and an intense bass drop that makes sure everyone know just exactly who he is. Lair seems to come straight out of a fighting video game and it is surely another great stepping stone for people to enter the EDM world alongside Crius himself.

8. Satisfy – Nero

This dark-electronic inspired track will attract listeners instantaneously. Filled with seductive vocals and a killer bass drop, Satisfy seemingly comes straight from a post-apocalyptic world. The song will show the world to the grittier side of EDM and raise the hair on the back of anyone’s neck who listens to it.


7. Silver Scrapes – Denny McCarthy

Seen on both ESPN’s College Gameday and League of Legends’ Season 2 World Championship, Silver Scrapes has already touched many different groups of fans across various platforms. The Seattle-based musician creates a hard hitting song that pumps up the crowd and can show those non-believers a song they may have not realized they both heard and enjoyed already.


6. F for You (Remix) – Disclosure feat. Mary J. Blige

A Grammy nominated song, the original was first seen in FIFA 14 and made plenty of waves. However, the addition of the ever wonderful Mary J. Blige brought this one to whole different level. Filled with the sharp vocals and a solid chord progression, this one can turn even the biggest stalwarts into fans. Plus, who can say no to Ms. Mary herself?


5. Sad Machine – Porter Robinson

 Perhaps one of the most atypical EDM songs out there, Sad Machine is rife with 1980s video game nostalgia that will attract many listeners. Filled with melodies sung by robots reminiscent of B-MO from Adventure Time and beautiful 8 bit tunes, Robinson shows a different side of EDM for the world of non-believers to experience.


4. Faded – Zhu

Another Grammy nom, Faded quickly became popular last year and would have been my choice for the win—sorry Mary! Despite coming from a relatively new artist, Faded was played everywhere and for good reason. A song that makes you want to get up and dance, Faded and Zhu are great starters for all to come into the EDM universe.


3. Roller Mobster – Carpenter Brut

Roller Mobster does not start of as your typical EDM song. With a very slow build with seemingly no electronics to be found, one could easily be tricked with this piece. However, the song, which is found in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number in one of the best fights of the game, quickly changes and becomes fast hitting and gets the people going.


2.  Runaway (U & I) – Galantis

Galantis’s most complete song completely delivers. Filled with some larger than life chord progressions and amazing vocals that bring their listeners in, Galantis has production quality that is second to none. Runaway is a song that can bring in audiences and keep them there as they see true EDM quality.


1. Slow Acid – Calvin Harris

No EDM introductory playlist is complete without Calvin Harris. The highest paid DJ of the past two years has gone to forefront of the EDM world with catchy songs featuring the vocals of many different female artists that are impossible to not find on the radio at any given moment. Because of this, he is usually who the general haters of EDM condemn. However, Slow Acid takes a different direction for Harris. With no vocals accompanying him on the track, Harris opts for edgy synths that are reminiscent of the late 90s to early 00s. This track is sure to change the opinion of both the artists and EDM for any non-believer.

Hear some of our other favorite songs by checking out iEDM radio by clicking right here.

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