Gotta Catch 'Em All In Style

| July 15, 2016

The day we have all been waiting for has finally come. Pokémon GO has launched and is in full force. Unless you’re in one of the unlucky countries it hasn’t launched it yet in which case you have our condolences. All those years of our older siblings calling us nerds for playing with Pokémon cards and now we have them asking us for advice in the game. Whether you represent team valor, mystic, or instinct we all stand together with the same goal, figure out where on earth (literally) Mew and Mewto are.

1. Ancient Mew Tank Top

While Pokemon Go is just a game lets be honest, we mean business. This is a very serious deal. Mewto is out there or at least he will be one of these days. Make sure you’re ready when he comes down your block. Even if you don’t find him right away you’ll definitely make a friends in this shirt, until they find out you’re on team valor.

2. Gotta Catch 'em all Hoodie

Chances are you’ve found yourself sprinting out your back door at some obscene hour of the night because there’s a Dragonite somewhere nearby. Before you sprint out the door throw on this sweatshirt and your neighbors will know you mean business. Or, it will at least make them understand that you’re clearly playing Pokémon and won’t call the cops when your trespassing.

3. Pokeball Crop Top

If you’re going to run around the streets of your town trying to hatch eggs and conquering gyms, there’s no reason you can’t look cute doing it. With all the exercise you’re doing and with the beautiful sunny summer weather, this crop top becomes the perfect daily essential. There is no time to waste when it comes to looking for an outfit to go out trying to ‘catch em all.’ Just throw this on with some sneakers and shorts and get Pokémon hunting.


 4. Bulbasaur T-Shirt


Bulbasaur is clearly one of the top most underrated Pokemon. I genuinely don’t think I’ve come across a single person who chose him as their starter. If bulbasaur is your Pokemon of choice, let the world know. Embrace your love for the underdog and wear him with pride. Who knows, maybe you’ll find another bulbasaur lover out there who’s just like you.

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