Here's What To Do And See At Electric Forest 2017


| June 19, 2017

With the first weekend of Electric Forest being just a few days away, we’ve decided to put together a list of spectacles and experiences you must see while you’re in The Forest.

Of course the music lineups for both weekends are amazing, from EDM to hip-hop to jam bands, there's something for every flavor. But there are so many other fantastic things to see at Electric Forest. There are so many aspects of the magical Sherwood Forest that go beyond the music and create a magical experience.

Wandering through Sherwood Forest is what makes this music festival unique. Even if you get separated from your friends you are sure to find another welcoming group of friends. We are all forest fam and we are all immersed in a culture rich, artistic, interactive, welcoming environment. Forest invites expression and calls upon you for exploration. So check out this list of what you should explore while you’re at Electric Forest. 


 The Heart of the Forest: Reincarnation Village

Reincarnation Village is in the center of Sherwood Forest and is often referred to as "The Heart of the Forest." Art, sculptures and beautiful structures that you can sometimes climb on decorate Reincarnation Village spectacularly. There are tables and chairs to sit down on as well as a small buildings, including a saloon that you and your friends can hang in. At night time the Reincarnation Village comes to life and is lit up through colorful lights that decorate the buildings and art sculptures everywhere. 


Silent Disco

Right next to Reincarnation Village is the bumpin’ silent disco. At silent disco it’s nice and quiet, away from all the other stages until you’re handed a pair of head phones. Once you slide those headphones over your ears you’re brought to a whole new, unique show. With the DJ in front of you and other forest fam around you with wireless headphones on, it becomes a very intimate and colorful experience with lights flashing through the trees in every direction. 


The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is an Electric Forest tradition. It is a designated tree within Sherwood Forest where festival goers can leave items and pick up items. If you forgot a necessity, The Giving Tree will more than likely provide it to you. The tree is often the keeper of all kinds of things, from jewelry, clothes and chapstick to candy, food and art. Each year the tree is in a different location, so be on the look out and make sure to think about your contribution. 


The Water Park

The Gold Rush Water Park is a 60,000 square foot indoor park at the Double JJ Resort. It is open from 10am to 6pm daily and includes towels for attendees as well as showers. A lazy river is included along with a number of different water slides. Tickets to the Water Park are $20 per visit or free if you're Good Life VIP. A shuttle to and from the Water Park is provided for Electric Forest Festival goers, so jump on The Gold Rush Water Park Shuttle, leaving at regular intervals between 10am to 6pm on the north side of the gates to the venue.


The Hoop Troupe

Electric Forest’s award winning hoop troupe returns every year with new members to the group. Each year The Forest holds auditions for anyone interested in the chance to win the opportunity to perform with the Electric Forest Hoop Troupe. The hoop troupe not only performs on stages with artists but they also roam the forest, looking like bad asses while they perform anywhere. At night time the troupe pulls out their LED hoops and with mesmerizing moves performs together in a circle. These hoopers are the best of the best and are sure to keep you watching with their performances. 


Her Forest  

Her Forest is a program dedicated to helping and celebrating anyone and everyone who identifies as a woman. This inspirational event focuses on the connection between women and the importance of uplifting each other. The Her Forest Curated Event is happening the first weekend and presents the opportunity to discover new and exciting women performers. Women from all over the world have submitted applications and several winners will be picked to perform in the forest at this special event. Anyone is able to attend, men and women are welcome with the intention being on celebrating women. 


Good Life Late Night VIP Stage

If you bought Good Life or any other form of VIP tickets for Electric Forest then you have the oh so sweet luxury of accessing the Good Life Late Night VIP Stage, with exclusive sets provided for VIP ears only. These VIP Late Night sets are always a complete surprise and anyone could end up performing. Griz and Russ liquid along with guest appearances from Sunsquabi and Dumpstaphunk were some of the artists that made appearances on The Good Life Late Night Stage last year. So if you’re VIP, don’t miss the chance to see some awesome late night music. 



Environmental sustainability is extremely important to the curators of Electric Forest. Each campground has a neighborhood EcoZone and uses a 3 bin waste station to help keep Electric Forest green and litter free. Through the program Electricology, foresters can earn points by dropping off their waste at EcoZones and then exchange those points for awesome prizes. Turn in your EcoPoints to win exclusive prizes every 15 minutes from Forest Vendors, Sponsors, and Artists. Not only can you pick various prizes, but if you earn the most eco points you will win free tickets to The Forest for life!

This year, Electric Forest has announced that they are stepping up their game of environmental sustainability by offering compostable utensils at every food vendor as well as more recycling and compost bins through out the fest. Be sure to do your part forest fam, turn in your eco points and participate in the chance to win free tickets to Electric Forest for life.  



To make your Forest experience easier, download the Electric Forest Festival app where you can make your own schedule and look at the map through the convenience of your phone. As your planning your set times, check out 10 Artists You Can't Miss At Electric Forest.

If you were lucky enough to score a ticket to the sold out weekend one, get ready to come get lost in the beautiful Sherwood Forest. 

Pack smart and don’t forget your rain gear, because rain or shine, Forest is the place to be. Don't forget your blankets and hoodies because it can get chilly at night. Light up the Forest with some glow gear and check out 10 T-Shirts That Are Perfect For Electric Forest. iEDM has a specially curated Electric Forest Collection for festival inspiration HERE

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