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Ibiza Club Raids Continue

| October 19, 2016

Ibiza is infamous for its parties and clubs being the absolute place to be. If you’ve been, you understand and if you haven’t, we can only assume it’s on your bucket list. However lately Ibiza club life has been getting some bad press.

Earlier this past summer in July, both Space Ibiza and Privilege, two prominent night clubs were raided by police. This is because of ‘Operation Chopin,’ they are now cracking down on the finances of these clubs and their possible fraud. Operation Chopin has led to over 87 clubs in Ibiza being inspected.

Even though Space is set to close and reopen under the people who run Ushuaïa, that’s not keeping them from being checked out too.

Back in September, both Ushuaïa and Pacha were also added to the list of police raids.

This past week, even though having been raided before, Amesia was raided for a second time. Last time there were 4 arrests made. Out of the 4 arrested, one was the club owner Martin Ferrer. The famous club had previously had over €2 million confiscated and this time had over €300,000 taken from safes inside the club.

The raids keep taking place somewhere between 6am-8am leaving most club owners vulnerable. It’s pretty much safe to say that the Ibiza Police aren’t messing around with these raids and even if you’ve been previously raided, doesn’t mean it’s over for you.

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