iEDM's Festival Eyewear Fashion Guide

| April 19, 2022

It's summertime and the shades are out. Whether your eyewear needs consist of glasses that are protective, fashionable, or experience-enhancing, iEDM offers multiple options that you are guaranteed to enjoy. It’s no secret that bringing eyewear to festivals is necessary to protect your eyes from the sun and lasers. Although your everyday sunglasses will get the job done, there are nearly endless options that will elevate your look and experience. From Diffraction Glasses and Kaleidoscope Glasses to rave-inspired Goggles and Sunglasses, iEDM has everything you need for an eyewear glow-up. 


Check out iEDM's Festival Eyewear Fashion Guide below.



Diffraction Glasses

Diffraction Glasses are a popular eyewear style worn by festival-goers. The lenses refract lasers and light shows, creating a variety of effects. Each light beam is transformed into a firework-like burst, which exaggerates the production. Some have added amber-enhanced lenses, which increases the vividness of colors, whereas other lenses are clear. Many styles even turn light beams into specific shapes, such as hearts or stars. Although these glasses provide a semi-intense effect, the user will still be able to stay aware of their surroundings and effectively interact with others in the crowd.


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Kaleidoscope Glasses

Kaleidoscope Glasses are easily a fan-favorite within the EDM community. These provide the most intense visuals out of any eyewear on the market. As their name suggests, these glasses create effects that turn the entire show into a kaleidoscope. All the lights become a beautiful display of rotating shapes and fractals. These are best designed for those who want to have moments purely for vibing to the music, rather than socializing. In order to interact with members of the audience, these glasses can be easily removed.


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Goggles are helpful for slightly dimming light shows and eliminating distractions from the crowd. Goggles are preferable to glasses for headbanging and dancing, while maintaining peripheral vision.  In addition, these will help significantly for those prone to migraines and headaches, or fans who become disoriented easily by strobe lights. Although the effect is mild, it is a game-changer for those who need frequent breaks from the bright lights. Many styles of goggles are available, including attached LED lights, spikes, colored lenses, and steampunk or ski goggle shapes.


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Everyone knows the general use of sunglasses, however, they are also applicable to EDM events. Those who arrive before dark will be able to effectively protect their eyes from the sun while enjoying the festivities. In addition, sunglasses are a useful tool at night. Similarly to tinted goggles, they will aid in dimming lights and avoiding headaches. However, they are easier to remove and more versatile for everyday use. They are available in endless styles and colors to fit any outfit or set of preferences.


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LED/ Light-Up Glasses

There is a wide variety of shapes and lenses in regards to glasses with LED lights. They can function as normal sunglasses, kaleidoscope, or diffraction options with the additional light features. Many styles are customizable with remotes or buttons, allowing you to mix and match to your personal preference. The luminosity these glasses provide is certainly a wow-factor that will set you apart from the crowd, as well as making it easier to find you in close proximity. Light-up eyewear is one of the most versatile and glamorous options for festival-goers; they surely will not disappoint.


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