iEDM Interview with Mike Saint-Jules


| November 01, 2015


This past weekend, iEDM On Blast had the pleasure of chatting with New York Trance DJ and producer, Mike Saint-Jules. Known for his remixes from artists like Above & Beyond and Armin van Buuren as well as his original tracks and his radio show Universal Soundz; Mike let us in on his thoughts on the development of trance, his 500th radio episode and what we can expect from him in the months to come.

Mike has been djing and producing for a little over a decade, starting his music career in 2004 in small New York City nightclubs before beginning his ascent to touring and playing internationally. Mike shared with On Blast the moment he came to realization that djing would become his career.

My defying moment was when State of Trance [Radio show] wanted me to produce music for them. I would watch live [EDM] shows online and it inspired to want to go out there and really do this.

 As a trance artist, Mike often ventures out of the classical trance sound by incorporating as he describes “spacey and unorthodox elements” as well as adding progressive elements into his tracks. He also credits his musical inspiration and influences from various trance artists.

I got a lot of inspiration early on from Ferry Corsten, Alex M.O.R.P.H and learning to incorporate their sound and just incorporating different ideas into my tracks.

Mike also shared his insights and thoughts on the state and progress of trance over the years

As a producer, some of the songs people are doing it sounds all the same. The emotions are lost…the groove and sexiness is missing. I want see it go back to the groove and emotions trance is known for.

Mike is also hard at work creating new music including his latest single ‘Wall of Earth’

I’m in the studio working on ‘Wall of Earth’. I got inspiration from Above & Beyond for this track. It has an Anjunabeats melodic groove to it but still maintaining a trance feel.

Besides working on new music, Mike Saint-Jules let us in on his radio show and what we can all expect from him in the days and months to come

I’ll be releasing the 500th episode on my radio show Universal Soundz very soon, so I’m very excited for that. A northeastern tour is also in the works with all genres of electronic music…tracks with progressive breaks, big room, trance and deep house.

Mike also left this message for his fans

I also want to thank my fans that have been with me from the start for their support….hope to see them in my upcoming shows and festivals

Keep your eyes and ears open for Mike Saint-Jules radio show Universal Soundz and his latest music and tour dates!

Listen to Mike St-Jules exclusive mix for iEDM Radio here!

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