iEDM's Spotlight Sessions | Tracks For August 2016

iEDM's Spotlight Sessions | Tracks For August 2016
| August 21, 2016

Gather 'round kids, it's our favorite time of the month, time for the August 2016 version of iEDM's Spotlight Sessions! Every month, we select 5 songs from a medley of genres and shine the spotlight on them. We know, we know, no need to thank us for showing you some fire tunes; it's because we love you guys and that's what we're here for:

1) Shelter - Porter Robinson & Madeon

A week ago, everyone and their mothers (possibly even grandmothers as well) LOST THEIR SH*T over a track release. Wanna know why? Because this wasn't just any old track release, but it was the collaboration between the two most game-changing producers, Porter Robinson and Madeon.

You will find shelter and solace when listening to "Shelter", the first mere second sending chills down your spine. This track flawlessly fuses the unmistakable signature sounds from both artists, with heartfelt lyrics that make the track the epitome of euphoric. And wanna know something even better? In light of the massive track drop, the boys decided to bless us all and announce a joint tour.


2) All Cried Out ft. Alex Newell (99 Souls Remix) - Blonde

This is where the term "old but gold" comes to play. This infectious, classic house tune has guaranteed success rate of being catchy (I can vouch for it firsthand). Bristol-bred duo Blonde are known for their notorious groovy house sound. But you haven't heard anything quite like the 99 Souls (an equally groovy UK producer duo) take on the classic. You'll wanna keep this little tune in your music library forever after you hear its deep bassline, powerful vocals, and old-school disco vibe.


3) fly - oshi

If you haven't heard of 17 year-old prodigy oshi, then get out from that rock you live under. At such a young age, his talent goes unparalleled and the sound that he has established for himself is the first of its kind. You'll either recognize him by his wild, curly, lion mane head of hair and adorable smile, or his ambient, deep and chilling tracks.

"Fly" is just another example of how this free-spirited DJ and producer pushes the boundaries of music, throwing down a deep, chilling beat from the very beginning and switching up the tempo towards the very end. Turn up the volume, close your eyes and you'll know what it feels like to fly.


4) Feel Your Love ft. Jamie Lewis - NGHTMRE x Flux Pavilion

We're feelin' the love for this track; the brilliant collaboration between LA-based producer NGHTMRE and bass-cannon wizard Flux Pavilion is jam-packed with a killer bass that will shatter your ears (in a good way) and leave you wide-eyed. Having been released a little over 2 weeks ago, this riddim/trap track will be thrown down in sets EVERYWHERE, and for good reason. I mean, can we just talk about that third game-changer drop? It's bound to make everyone in a crowd lose their minds.


5) Shamana - Fabio Neural & Fideles

You guys down for some techno? Straight off of Adam Beyer's second imprint Truesoul, "Shamana" is that upbeat, gorgeous and synth-packed tech-house tune you need in your life. Hats off to trio Fabio Neural & Fideles for producing this transfixing track that has already received support from artists like legend John Digweed, as it is one of the three tracks off their EP that made it's debut onto Beyer's label.

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