iEDM's Spotlight Sessions: Tracks For September 2016

iEDM's Spotlight Sessions: Tracks For September 2016
| September 29, 2016

Fall has finally arrived and summer festival season is officially over.. *insert sobs here while you look up into the sky screaming "WHY?!"*

But as you sadly starting dragging those sweaters out of from the back of your closet and transition from ordering iced drinks to hot drinks at your local coffee shop, there's one thing that you shouldn't forget; seasons may change and festivals may go, but the music will always be here.

With that being said, it's time for our September edition of iEDM's Spotlight Sessions, where we show you the finest, freshest tunes of all genres we can't seem to get enough of right now, whether they're old school gems or were just released this month- thank us later:


1) "Frozen Fireworks" - No Mana feat. Fader Lima

From his latest Game Over EP, mau5trap prodigy No Mana, who happens to be one of my personal favorite producers of all time, joins forces with Fader Lima to bring you the heartstring-pulling, euphoric "Frozen Fireworks." If you think about it, the song title is super relevant when thinking about the transition from summer to fall/winter- fireworks being the embodiment of summer and now they're freezing as the season changes and things get colder. 

Packed with synths, gorgeous vocals and flawless overall production, "Frozen Fireworks" will not fail in hitting you RIGHT in the feels and is gonna end up being that song that gets stuck in your head that no matter what you do, you just can't stop thinking about. Sorry not sorry. *Shrugs*


2) "Yours" - SG Lewis

Whether it's from the soft pitter-patter of the rain in the beginning of the track, or the chill yet deep "rainy Autumn day" vibe from the rest of it, "Yours" will have you hooked from the second you hear it. UK-native SG Lewis knows how you hook a listener and send shivers down their spines, and "Yours" flawlessly creates that intimate, yet sexy atmosphere that your mind, body and soul craves.


 3) "Birth Of The Universe" - k?d

The question on all of our minds lately is "Who is k?d?" This faceless, musical wonder-kid sounds like the love child of Porter Robinson and Flume and has been getting hundreds of thousands of streams on SoundCloud for his unique, one-of-a-kind sound.

k?d breaks down the musical barriers and creates some of the most powerful, emotion-evoking tracks my ears have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Bottom line, the only way to describe his latest track "Birth Of The Universe" is to say that it perfectly exemplifies what the actual birth of the universe was like. Mark my words- give it a few more months and this k?d is going to BLOW UP.


4) "Alien" - Rezz x Raito

There's nothing quite like the pure excitement and possible screaming that happens when our favorite girl- the princess of dark, gravity defying, heavy beats, Rezz- releases a new track. This time, she brought Raito onto the track to bring you "Alien," and there is definitely something extraterrestrial about this one folks.

It could not be more alien-like, hitting you right in your core and sets a spooky, dark, trippy tone; I don't know about you guys, but for me, it gets those Halloween-y vibes going- perfect since Halloween is right around the corner.


5) "Panorama" - Jeremy Olander

Our goal with Spotlight Sessions is to show our beloved iEDM fam some new music, some that may sound foreign and new to them and some that are sounds they all know and love.

It's always a good thing to be able to broaden your musical horizon and expose yourself to new sounds and new genres- and there's no better way to do that than from this gorgeous Jeremy Olander track fresh off of the label Suara. "Panorama" transports to you a subtly dark, mystical, techno-filled world with its melodic progressions and a bass line that is oh so magical.


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