[INTERVIEW] Bedouin Comments on Miami Music Week, New Single "Aliens", & Their Saga Tour

| April 08, 2023

Stemming from the minds of NYC natives Tamer Malki and Rami Abousabe, Bedouin is a project known for its exotic blend of cultural and musical influences. This innovative duo draws inspiration from their Middle Eastern heritage, Western upbringing, and world travels, fusing them all together to forge their signature sound. With over a decade of showcasing their talent, Bedouin has become a staple act at EDM hottest venues, from prime nightclubs in Ibiza to Burning Man. On top of Bedouin's hypnotic mixing abilities, Tamer and Rami are both extremely skilled as producers, singer-songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists. During Miami Music Week, we had the chance to chat with Bedouin in regard to their current ventures and bright future ahead. 


Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with Bedouin below.



iEDM: Just a few days ago marked the first anniversary of your renowned Cercle performance at Petra. Looking back, what are you most proud of from this set? Between the setting and music itself, what makes it a timeless performance that can be watched and listened to 20 years from now?

Bedouin: It was our first time doing a hybrid performance. It was very cold since we were there in the early hours of the morning before they opened to the public. Our fingers were freezing so it was way more difficult to play our instruments than we planned… but it went amazingly well. The whole purpose of Cercle sets are the unique settings and the carefully selected music. Specifically in our set, we selected music that was never before heard, like “Aliens”, “Love and Hate”, “Tijuana”. Additionally, we sampled a song by Little Junior Parker that released in 1970 and we had worldly influencers through our reworks with DakhaBrakha. Of course, we played some Bedouin classics such as “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”. All these aspects together made for a beautiful journey that we hope never gets old.


iEDM: Your latest single, “Aliens” has been played in many of your sets in 2022 and early 2023. Why was the decision made to keep the track unreleased until the date it dropped? How do you typically come to the conclusion that a song is ready to be released?

Bedouin: We actually only played “Aliens” once or twice in 2022. However, we’ve been playing it a lot more recently in 2023 since we mastered the final version of the track. It’s part of our forthcoming album Temple of Dreams and it’s the second single in the release campaign. We work on our music over and over again until we get it just right. As with many tracks on this album, this track has been a work in progress. The final version that was released earlier this month was finished just about two months ago.



iEDM: The combination of the music in “Aliens” and its music video is so hypnotic. Which nuances and specific scenes catch your eye in the music video? What do the masks represent in the music video for “Aliens”? 

Bedouin: We worked with our dear friend Christian Lamb who is a mastermind with directing. He pitched the treatment for us and we loved it and trusted his vision. We really loved the utilization of the masks in “Aliens”. At the end, when the camera pans to everyone in the club and everyone is wearing the mask, it’s showing that we are all “Aliens”.


iEDM: What was the process behind creating your inaugural Spotify mix? How does the mix embrace the past of Bedouin and the direction you are heading in now?

Bedouin: We were so excited to finally get to release a Spotify DJ Mix. We definitely want to start putting out more sets for longer listening experiences, so we were really stoked to kick it off with this one. This one in particular features some of our favorite releases from our label Human By Default, as well as some of our favorite tracks from the underground. We really wanted to put a spotlight on the underground with this one and we think we really nailed it.


iEDM: Both of your MMW sets started at 2AM. Was this just a coincidence, or does this time slot have a certain appeal to you?

Bedouin: Just a coincidence, but we do think 2AM is a prime time slot!



iEDM: What were the favorite parts of your sets at Music On Miami and Get Lost? What visual and scenic elements stood out to you at the Factory Town venue?

Bedouin: Factory Town has definitely become one of our favorite venues in Miami. We smashed it last year at Get Lost so we were excited to make a return twice this year. It’s just a vast space that is so easily filled with lovers of house music.


iEDM: Why was “Voices In My Head” chosen as the first single to be released from your forthcoming album? What experimental soundscapes add an X factor to the song and how did you engineer it?

Bedouin: “Voices In My Head” was actually one of the first songs that we knew was going to be on the album. It has this sort of hip hop-ish beat that gave us a chance to step outside the typical dance floor style music that we produce. It’s the first track that both of us sang on together. Rami did the backing vocals, Tamer did the lead vocal.



iEDM: This summer you will return to Pacha Ibiza for your second season of the Bedouin Saga. What about the venue and the crowd at this club has resulted in you returning for another residency?

Bedouin: Last year was our first year at Pacha. We were previously at Heart so it was a huge move for us. The venue is as historical as it gets for dance music and we’re honored to be part of the history. The vibes we’re able to produce on our Wednesday night residency are immaculate. We owe a huge amount of the success to our creative director Brigitte Armengol who has been with us since the very start. Brigitte along with the amazing Pacha team have really set Saga up to be a massive success. We are really looking forward to continuing the journey this summer.


iEDM: Can you describe the atmosphere, visually and auditory, of Bedouin Saga? For each of you, why is this a one-of-a-kind experience for attendees?

Bedouin: We really spend a huge amount of time curating every single detail of the night. From the decorations, to the dancers, to the costumes, and of course with the lineup. We spend months moving around pieces like a giant jigsaw puzzle until we get it just right. All of these elements together create a super unique atmosphere that we didn’t feel really existed on the island before Saga came along. When you walk into any Saga event, not just in Ibiza, you can expect the unexpected.



iEDM: Which artists would you like to collab with this year and what about their styles fascinate you? Are there any future projects you can foreshadow for your fans to look forward to?

Bedouin: We’re discussing a few collabs for this year with some super stellar artists… stay tuned :) We also have some exciting remixes of classic songs that we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to officially release this year, so fingers crossed! Fans can look forward to fresh merch, vinyl for our debut album, and maybe some single releases. Get ready to be surprised, we are just getting started!


Photos Courtesy of Bedouin


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