[INTERVIEW] Besomorph Talks NFTs, His New Track, "Holy Water, + Upcoming Releases

Known for merging dark melodicism with electronic music, Besomorph is one of the fastest growing names when it comes to Brazilian bass and slap house. With over three million monthly listeners on Spotify, Besomorph is currently one of the most-streamed German electronic music artists. After getting into DJing for a couple of years, Besomorph made the switch to producing in 2016 and has never looked back.

The talented producer has over 650 million streams across all platforms and has locked in spots on Spotify's biggest editorial playlists, such as Hype, Main Stage, and Bass Arcade. His distinctive sound has been released on some of the most popular labels and YouTube music channels in EDM, like NCS, Trap Nation, Suicide Sheep, and CloudKid. To add to his many achievements, Besomorph was recently awarded the YouTube Silver Button for surpassing 100,000 subscribers on his channel. The production wizard continues to put out banger after banger and rapidly grow his global following.


Read iEDM's exclusive interview with Besomorph below.



iEDM: You were introduced to DJing when you were 15 and started producing a few years later. What knowledge and skills did you use from DJing when making this transition?

Besomorph: DJing taught me what people would like to hear and which sounds you can mix together. That was the main thing I translated into music production.

iEDM: Throughout your childhood, what musical influences have helped to shape your production style?

Besomorph: My production style was mostly influenced by the Weeknd, Kavinsky, and Overwerk.

iEDM: What was the biggest challenge you faced when first getting into DJing and producing? How did you overcome this obstacle?

Besomorph: I think the biggest challenge was to make it a full-time job and to get people around me to take it serious. It was extremely difficult; I was being criticized on a daily basis for pursuing my dream. I had to overcome that mentally first. After that, I just kept going, working insanely hard, like 10-12 hours a day in my parents’ basement. That’s how I became really good at what I did and eventually people started listening and loving my stuff.



iEDM: What inspired the name Besopmorph as your artist persona and what does it mean to you?

Besomorph: The name is a combination between my nickname “Beso” and “morph” which stands for “appearance” in Greek - so the translation is the “Beso appearance”. I came up with it when I was 15 years old.

iEDM: What are the key differences between the production of tracks under your other aliases, Besomage and BRAN, in comparison to Besomorph?

Besomorph: The main differences are that Besomage & BRAN are more “cover”-based brands. I release a lot of covers on them which I don’t do on Besomorph anymore. Also, in the future, Besomage and BRAN will take over the slap house/deep house side of Besomorph, as I won’t be releasing those genres (with small exceptions) on Besomorph.

iEDM: What was the highlight of being able to work with Riot Games on your exclusive remix for League of Legends?

Besomorph: I have always loved League of Legends and especially the music they were putting out. I was very excited when they contacted me and asked me for a remix. It was an honor creating this remix and turning the original into a slap house banger.




iEDM: What is your favorite part about the progression of making a remix? What techniques do you use to put your signature spin on your own rendition of a track?

Besomorph: I love turning songs that I love into my own style. I insert my own samples, usually a similar chord progression to the one I most commonly use. 

iEDM: You recently released your first NFT into the metaverse. What are some of the main motivations behind the project and what was the process used when creating it?

Besomorph: I always wanted to do something that was out of the ordinary. That project was one of the most interesting projects I have done. Working with the company Tetavi, I was able to capture myself with 32 cameras and animate the entire background. 



iEDM: If you had to choose one, which track are you the proudest of and why?

Besomorph: I see all of my tracks as “my little babies”. I love all of them and I am equally proud of all of them. 

iEDM: Your fanbase has exponentially grown since your debut release as Besomorph. What is your preferred platform to communicate with your fans and why?

Besomorph: My preferred platform is definitely Instagram as it is the simplest to access and you can connect easily to other people.

iEDM: Your newest release with Lucifer “Holy Water” has a unique soundscape. How did you and Lucifer collab so effectively to develop its catchy bassline?

Besomorph: When it comes to forming a perfect bassline, it is always about layering the right sounds and mixing them smoothly together. That’s how you get the “slappy” basslines.



iEDM: Which artist would you love to collab with on one of your future tracks and why?

Besomorph: I would love to work together with “RAYE” because I love her songwriting and style. I think we could make something great together. 

iEDM: Can you hint at any future projects and tracks for your fans to look forward to in the next couple of months?

Besomorph: Besomorph is going through a rebranding phase right now in which I am going to release all kinds of music, including Pop, Future Bass, Trap, and Dance. It is going to be a very genre-flexible brand as it used to be. The focus won’t be on house music any longer. There may also be some tech house songs coming. I am super excited about doing all kinds of genres because it doesn’t give me any limitations to the sound I am making.

Photos Courtesy of Besomorph


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| July 05, 2022

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