[INTERVIEW] BONNIE X CLYDE + FOMO Discuss the Meaning Behind New Collaborative Single "Need Ya"

| October 12, 2022

As one of the most groundbreaking duos in the electronic dance music right now, BONNIE X CLYDE are constantly pushing the limits of electronic production. The Virginia-born friends from high-school have received over 95 million streams since their debut singles "The Ride" and "Rise Above" in 2015. Having toured along Skrillex and performed at major festivals like EDC Las Vegas, Imagine, and Sunset Music Festival, the pair bring a captivating stage presence to every show.

Just as impressive is rising tech house artist FOMO; made up of gifted producers Garrett Baupre and Morgan Bundgus, this San Diego-based project launched in 2016, after the two were roommates and fraternity brothers in college. FOMO's infectious basslines and creativity in sound design has received support from top-tier EDM artists, such as Zeds Dead, Diplo, Illenium, Steve Aoki, and many more. Not only providing breathtaking sets at EDC Las Vegas, Countdown NYE, and other prominent festivals, the duo has shown no sign of shying away from the art of collaboration. Joining forces for their new single "Need Ya", BONNIE X CLYDE and FOMO created a melody for the dance floor.


Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with FOMO and BONNIE X CLYDE below.



iEDM: How did each of your passions for music first develop? Which artists did you look up to as role models throughout your childhood and why?

FOMO: We both had always been passionate about music growing up but it wasn’t until we found electronic music in college that we felt we had a way to explore actually creating music. We listened to a wide variety of artists throughout our childhood ranging from acts like Green Day to 50 Cent, but we just always looked up to anyone creating music that we felt was unique and cool.


iEDM: What was the hardest obstacle you faced when initially working together and how did you overcome it?

FOMO: We’ve honestly had such an effortless working relationship since day one. We’re both on the exact same page so I can honestly say we haven’t had many or any hardships working together.



iEDM: What is the most important thing both of you have learned from each other throughout your music career together?

FOMO: Being a duo, the most important thing we’ve learned is the art of collaboration! Having two people always in the studio means you have to know how to develop a proper flow and always let the other person get all of their ideas out. This ended up translating perfectly to working with other artists as we got further in our career!


iEDM: How do you push each other to be the best versions of yourself? What inspires your creativity on the days when producing and songwriting seems more difficult than usual?

FOMO: We’re both very passionate and very competitive so when one of us makes something dope the other feels the need to step up and do the same. It’s a constant battle of trying to impress each other.

BONNIE X CLYDE: We both are super driven when it comes to making music and growing as humans, be it through health or fitness. Our schedule is very busy so we both keep each other in check and check up on each other when need be.

On days when things seem more difficult we encourage each other to get outside and do something outside of our regular day of making music. This helps bring us back to an inspired place. We both love getting excessive and surfing to get us back on track.




iEDM: How do the lyrics in “Need Ya” connect with each of your experiences in life? What effect do you hope it has on listeners?

FOMO: For us, “Need Ya” is all about the feelings we go through when you’re in a tough patch of a relationship. We tried to leave the message of “Need Ya" open ended so that everyone can interpret it in their own way!

BONNIE X CLYDE: We went through a period together through this project where we dated and felt this song portrayed it pretty well. Although we broke up, we still needed each other at the end of the day. We built this project that is bigger than us or our relationship. We created a dream together that is flourishing. I hope listeners can relate it to their own lives and feel a sense of love and hope.



iEDM: What was the process behind creating the buildup for “Need Ya”? Why do you think that the stand-alone vocal is so impactful right before the drop?

FOMO: We think a very important element of music these days is contrast, at least in dance music. A drop isn’t as impactful if the breakdown is equally as loud and full. We always look for small ways to add tension or create an impactful moment and not just have a classic EDM snare roll build.

BONNIE X CLYDE: The process behind "Need Ya" happened very fast. After talking about our life experiences together, the rawness and message of the track just poured out of Bonnie. The stand-alone vocal is powerful because after looking back on the relationship I realized I still needed that person in my life.


iEDM: How did you balance your signature sound with FOMO’s unique production style in “Need Ya”? What was your favorite part about working with the duo?

BONNIE X CLYDE: Our sounds mixed quite seamlessly. They are great house producers and we love creating house records. We all knew exactly the kind of sound we wanted to go for when producing it.

Our favorite part about producing with them was how well our personalities meshed in the room. We love FOMO; they are absolutely hilarious, super fun, and creating with them was like creating with our best friends. We had a blast.



iEDM: What was the highlight of your “Need Ya” release party with FOMO?

BONNIE X CLYDE: The highlight had to be when we performed the song. Everyone in the room had already been listening to it for a week and everyone sang all the words with us. We could truly tell people connected to the track and appreciated it.


iEDM: What future projects can you hint at for your fanbase to get excited about? Are there any surprises planned for Phase 3 of your Roads To Tears In Paradise Tour?

BONNIE X CLYDE: We are about to drop our debut album come 11.11.22 and we can’t wait to show you the changes we’re making for our visuals and live show to really give our listeners/ fans an experience we’ve always known we can give with our performance and music. - We have some really cool collaborations in the works and we can’t wait to take this album around the world.


Photos courtesy of FOMO and BONNIE X CLYDE


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