[INTERVIEW] Brando Shares His Musical Upbringing, Identity as an Artist, + Deeper Meaning Behind Latest Hits

| December 29, 2022

Prodigy singer-songwriter Brando is one of the fastest growing artists in the music industry, and for good reason. Brando's powerful vocals always tell a riveting story and showcase his raw passion for music. This California native was the driving force behind the global success of smash-hit "Body", produced by Canadian duo Loud Luxury. 

Although Brando is well-known for his role in "Body", the singer has created a name for himself far beyond the influence of one single. Not only has he worked with renowned artists like Don Diablo and Matoma, Brando has also shocked listeners with his own tantalizing singles. His 2020 release of "Look In My Eyes" spent ten weeks at the #1 spot on Australia's airplay charts, removing The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" from the throne. Brando continues his mission to bridge the gap between R&B, pop, and dance music, with the help of his new single "Saturday Night (Feel The Groove)" with Ninetails.


Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with Brando below.


iEDM: Which people in your life had the biggest influence on developing your passion for music? Which music-related experiences during your childhood stand out to you the most and why?

Brando: Growing up, I was always surrounded by music because of my dad being a guitarist and manager. Being backstage at funk/RnB concerts and being around musicians all the time really helped spur on my passion for music. I remember singing in church choirs and performing at school plays from a young age, so moments like those were important milestones in my life.


iEDM: How did you first get into singing and songwriting? What is the hardest challenge you have faced as an artist and how did you overcome it?

Brando: Just being around it throughout my childhood. I always had a passion for singing and performing, then eventually I started writing songs at age 12 after I learned to play guitar. I would say my biggest challenge I’ve faced as an artist is getting to the point of being able to do this as my career rather than just a passion or hobby. I remember working nonstop in studios from senior year of high school through graduating from college, just waiting for that one chance to really make something out of my dreams. I am beyond fortunate and blessed to be able to do what I love as my job.




iEDM: What advice would you give to singers and songwriters who are struggling to find their own identity?

Brando: I would say keep at it and just try to hone your craft. You can find inspiration anywhere, from fellow artists to movies or travel. It’s important to be who you are and not what you think someone else wants you to be.


iEDM: What was your initial reaction when your track “Body” with Loud Luxury became an instant global sensation? How has that song opened new opportunities for your music career?

Brando: It was definitely a surreal feeling. I think you work so hard for so long without seeing anything that when you finally have success it takes a long time to sink in. “Body” was a song I wrote just for fun and it turned into such a big thing, so even now it’s still crazy to think about it.




iEDM: “Look Into My Eyes” is an outstanding showcase of mesmerizing vocals that tell a powerful story. What inspired these sentimental lyrics and how do they relate to your life experiences?

Brando: Thank you, I appreciate that! The song really just came about after I had just begun dating my fiancée years ago. I just wanted her to know that she’s the most important thing in my life, despite my commitments as an artist.


iEDM: In “Slip N Slide”, you repeat “this is how we slip n slide” throughout the song. What is that a metaphor for? How did you choose this as part of the hook for the track?

Brando: To me that line is about falling deeper into a relationship that maybe at first you didn’t intend to be in. The more you get to know someone the more you fall for them. That’s kind of the premise of the song as a whole.




iEDM: Your new collab with Ninetails is a groovy feel-good track about Saturday nights. What emotions does this track make you feel and how does it relate to your personality?

Brando: I’m the type of person that likes to stay in and relax every now and then, so “Saturday Night” is about that one time you just want to get all dressed up in your nicest all black outfit and hit the town.


iEDM: Many of your songs can be categorized as electro-pop with deep basslines. What is your favorite quality in regards to this genre? Why do you think it fits so perfectly with your voice and songwriting abilities?

Brando: The dance genre as a whole allows for a lot of room for experimentation, which to me is important as a singer-songwriter. I always like to have every song released different from the last, and the dance community has been amazing in their support for me and my own brand of artistry.




iEDM: Which artists would you like to work with in the future and why?

Brando: Definitely Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Tiësto. I’m sure there are many more I would love to work with, but to me those three are at the pinnacle of the dance world. I love what they have been putting out this last year and beyond.


iEDM: What is next in store for you?

Brando: More music and more things that take my artistry out of the box so I can keep my fans excited!


Photos Courtesy of Brando


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