[INTERVIEW] DNMO Talks New Single "Before We Go Down", Work Ethic, + Deadbeats

| August 26, 2022

Reigning from the United Kingdom and wreaking havoc on the dance floor, Aiden Morgan, who goes by the name DNMO, is quickly becoming a prominent force in the electronic dance music scene. Cultivating a unique sound full of rousing melodies and bass that's dynamic, aggressive, and downright dirty, the UK producer has become a beloved member of Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats family.

With an unrelenting work ethic, DNMO spent all of 2021 locked in the studio working to reap the fruits of his labor by consistently releasing new music this year. After releasing his latest track, “Before We Go Down”, iEDM caught up with the bass music prodigy to discuss his work with Deadbeats, drum and bass, and more.


Check out iEDM’s exclusive interview with DNMO below. 


iEDM: “Before We Go Down” is such a banger! The perfect blend of euphoria and energy! What was the inspiration behind the track, and what was it like working with The Arcturians?

DNMO: Thanks so much! I started the idea last year, and the whole concept revolved around this call/response pattern throughout the drop. I spent a while chipping away at the production and had been working with The Arcturians on a few other bits at the time, so I just sent it to them on a whim. When they sent me back the vocal, I was making breakfast in my underwear and hit play through my phone, and I heard the first line. I literally said out aloud, “oh my god,” and ran to my computer to listen properly. They are one of my favourite collaborators, and we’ve worked on SO much music together that at this point, it always happens so organically.


iEDM: How has the crowd reaction been playing it out live?

DNMO: It’s been mad, to be honest. People seem to be loving it, which is such a great feeling when the enjoyment translates to both listening for fun during the day and live at a show. It’s definitely been one of the highlights of my sets this summer.

iEDM: Do you feel D&B is finally starting to gain some attraction in the states? 

DNMO: Absolutely. It’s been such a long time coming, and you’ll more than likely hear it being played at most festivals and shows at this point, which is just so wild. It never used to be this way. I’ve been playing 98% drum and bass sets all summer, and the reception has been mind-blowing. 


iEDM: You've been on an incredible US run this summer. Are there any shows that stand out the most?

DNMO: Each show has been really special in its own ways, but Deadrocks has to take the cake. It was just such a full-circle moment to play at such an iconic venue for the second time. Deadrocks 2018 was my first ever show in the US, so to come back four years later, having learned and experienced so much life over these years, was really quite something. Plus, it doesn’t get much better than the whole Deadbeats crew all together in Denver for a weekend.

iEDM: With Zeds Dead being one of your biggest inspirations, how does it feel to be working with Deadbeats? 

DNMO: It’s still such an honour. We’ve been working together for over five years now; I literally grew up on the label. It has and always will be nothing but love for ZD and the entire Deadbeats family.



iEDM: You have such an undeniable sound and have an amazing ability to switch up between genres! How important is it to mix it up with your productions? 

DNMO: It’s become absolutely essential to my workflow, and I love working across tons of different stuff! Of course, I love making dance stuff like DNB under DNMO, but I also produce tons of rap/pop/R&B records for other people. I try to not stay in one lane for too long because otherwise, it becomes boring real quick. At first, I really tried to reject that side of me and focus on one consistent sound, but a few years ago, I just had this realization that I should literally be making anything and everything I want to. It’s so much more fun to be embracing these aspects of the creative process, and it actually really aids everything I end up working on!

iEDM: Are there any genres outside of electronic music that influence your creative process? 

DNMO: I actually draw most of my influence from genres completely outside of electronic music! Jazz, rock, hip hop, straight-up ballads--there’s so many techniques you can pull from these styles, and I’m certain they have the biggest impact on the music I write.



iEDM: You've been on a tear this year, dropping a bunch of new tunes and mixes on top of touring. What drives you to work so hard? 

DNMO: Honestly, it’s something I can’t seem to turn off no matter how hard I try. I just feel like I constantly have to be creating in some way on a daily basis, whether it’s writing songs, making samples, playing instruments, or deep diving for music to play at shows. I definitely get pretty philosophical when it comes to work ethic and drive, but at the end of the day, I just recognize how lucky I am to have come this far and be in the position I’m in. I feel gratitude every day for the things I’ve achieved over the years and still feel like I’m just getting started.


iEDM: On top of releasing a ton of new music, you've also helped build a massive sample pack with KSHMR. What was it like working with such a legendary producer?

DNMO: I spent a week in Pasadena working on that pack with KSHMR, and I’ve never learned more in my entire life than during that week. He is by far one of the most prolific producers of our generation, and it was extremely inspiring, to say the least!


iEDM: With 2022 more than halfway through, what can fans expect from DNMO for the rest of the year? 

DNMO: I’m just putting the final touches to my next project this week. I don’t wanna give too much away yet, but it’s coming out really soon, and there’s already a couple songs out from it already! Beyond that, a bunch of new collabs, shows, and of course, a whole lot of drum & bass;)


Photos Courtesy of DNMO


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