[INTERVIEW] Dubdogz Breaks Down Their New Single, "Oi Oi Oi", Other Recent Hits, & More

| March 13, 2023

Hailing from Brazil, Dubdogz has evolved into not only one of the top EDM acts in their home country but across the world as well. Stemming from the minds of twin brothers, Marcos and Lucas Schmidt, this infectious duo has been dominating the Brazilian Bass and house scenes since the launch of their project in 2016. Since then, Dubdogz has performed at some of most iconic festivals and venues on the planet, such as EDC Orlando and Mexico, Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, Ultra Brazil, and many more. 

Receiving tons of attention for their electrifying stage presence, Dubdogz is also renowned for their unique signature style. Over the course of their musical careers, these brothers have cultivated a euphoric high-energy blend of thumping dance rhythms, funky basslines, and uplifting melodies. This is evident throughout hit remixes, like their renditions of  "Infinity" and "Alors On Danse", as well as their fresh originals like "Everybody Wants To Party", which dropped on their successful label Chorou RecordsNow, Dubdogz is continuing to build momentum with the release of their new collaborative single, "Oi Oi Oi". We got the chance to talk with Dubdogz on the process of creating this heater and other aspects of their journey as artists.


Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with Dubdogz below.


iEDM: What are the top benefits of having the twin brother connection when DJing and making music? What is one thing each of you has learned from each other throughout your musical journeys?

Dubdogz: We’re really blessed to have the opportunity to share our achievements and best moments with each other. We’re brothers and best friends all at once. There are so many things we’ve learnt from each other that it’s hard to say, because we’ve grown together, you know? It’s the only way we know.


iEDM: How has Brazil impacted your taste in music and gained interest in EDM? Which artists did you look up to as role models throughout your childhood and why?

Dubdogz: Brazil is a really diverse country and we’ve always loved music because of what our father used to listen to, a lot of classics from rock to pop. Then, when we were in school, we discovered raving and fell in love with it. We used to love artists such as Michael Jackson and Prince, because of our father's influence and also because there is so much groove in their songs.


iEDM: What sparked the idea behind your single “Mission Impossible”, with Zuffo and Rhōden? How did you realize that the vocal sample and theme song from Mission Impossible go so well together?

Dubdogz: We watched the Mission: Impossible saga during our whole childhood and youth. And the soundtrack is incredible, it has been stuck in our heads for so long. It’s one of the most iconic cinema themes, right? So we’ve joined Zuffo and Rhōden to create a banger for the clubs. The vocal sample came while we were trying to add some elements to spice up the tune.



iEDM: What were some of the highlights when working with Zuffo and Rhōden on “Mission Impossible”? How does each of your signature sounds complement each other on this song?

Dubdogz: “Mission Impossible” is a real blend of our identities. Rhōden started the idea, then we and Zuffo worked on the arrangement, timbres, and details. We’ve tested it a lot in the clubs and made a lot of changes to get the most out of the track.


iEDM: Lucas, what are your go-to transitions or effects when aiming to hype up your audience during a set? Marcos, what are your favorite moments from your performances so far this year?

Lucas: We keep it simple, but I love using filters and delay at the right moments.

Marcos: My favorite moment from our performances this year was at Planeta Atlântida Festival. We played to 40,000 people and the crowd was insane!



iEDM: Your recent collab with VINAI, Malou, and Selva on “I Don’t Mind” is joined by a captivating music video. What emotions and thoughts are invoked for each of you when listening to the track and watching the music video? Why do you think the visual and auditory halves of the project are a solid match and share a similar vibe?

Dubdogz: “I Don’t Mind” is a breezy, feel-good club tune about resilience and detachment - the video emphasizes that.


iEDM: Your new single “Oi Oi Oi”, featuring MC Hollywood and Maxximal, is an absolute heater! What inspired the idea for this track? How did you find all the different samples and piece them together in an orientation that flows smoothly?

Dubdogz: Thank you so much! This song actually started as a big mashup. We love to make mashups to create some unique vibes in our shows, so we’ve mixed different well-known elements from different genres. It worked so great that people kept asking us to release it. So we decided to put our own touch in the tracks, rework a lot of elements and, after a long time of experimentation and approvals, “Oi Oi Oi” came to life.



iEDM: Why do you think electronic music or music, in general, is in the golden age of reworking past songs?

Dubdogz: People are really nostalgic. And now that we have so many options, so much content, so many songs… it’s comfortable for the human brain to embrace something it already knows. And it’s part of the dance music culture to remake stuff, bring back classics, and give a new meaning to songs. We love it.


iEDM: What parts or soundscapes used in “Oi Oi Oi” reflect Dubdogz’s identity as an artist the most? What was the toughest obstacle when creating this track and how did you conquer it?

Dubdogz: The fact that it’s a fun track, with a lot of energy and that mixes not only sonorities, but audiences and generations… this is something we really like to embrace. To make electronic dance music achieve new audiences. The toughest obstacle was certainly the whole process to authorize the track, but we’re fortunate enough to have a great team that did an amazing job.



iEDM: What does it mean to you to return to Latin America’s leading electronic music label, HUB Records, with “Oi Oi Oi”? In your opinion, why is the dance anthem a great fit for the imprint?

Dubdogz: That’s why we decided to release “Oi Oi Oi” on HUB Records: because it’s perfect for it. It’s a tune that has some Brazilian vibes that probably a lot of international labels wouldn’t understand that much. And we have a great synergy with the HUB Records team, so it is a great fit.


iEDM: For each of you, what are your biggest Dubdogz goals and biggest goal outside of music for 2023?

Dubdogz: Our biggest goal for Dubdogz is to help the Brazilian dance music scene to grow waaaaay more, from inside to outside. What we mean is that Brazil is a continental country and has so many people that don’t know much about electronic music yet. We want to be the ones to introduce them to this amazing universe and culture. And, of course, we want to play at big festivals and countries we haven’t played at yet. But we’ve achieved so much that we’re more about being grateful for all we have than to think that much about what we don’t have. Outside music, it is more about keeping a healthy relationship between ourselves and our families even with all the intensity that touring demands.



Photos Courtesy of Dubdogz


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