[INTERVIEW] HoneyLuv Talks Project Glow, Working With Lp Giobbi + More

With an elegant ferocity on the decks, Taylor Character, who goes by the name HoneyLuv is making enormous waves in the ever-growing house scene. Pulling inspiration from a plethora of genres from house to techno, hip-hop, and RNB, she has created a boundless sonic experience that’s both freeing and tangible. With groovy soundscapes, upbeat melodies, and hypnotizing drops mixed in with a little funk, the Los Angeles-based producer takes crowds on a transcendental journey through self-expression, love, and of course, dance.

HoneyLuv's firm intent to create a sound that makes you lose all control, the former basketball star turned navy sailor turned DJ, is establishing herself as a household name in not just the house scene but all of EDM. Following her Sunday set at Project GLOW!, iEDM caught up with HoneyLuv to discuss her new single, “Thr33 6ix 5ive”, the House Of Honey radio series, and more. 


Read iEDM's exclusive interview with HoneyLuv below.



iEDM: You just came from an incredible set. How did it feel to play the first-ever Project GLOW!?

HoneyLuv: It felt absolutely amazing. D.C. used to be my playground a few years ago, so to come back and perform at Project Glow was fulfilling.

iEDM: The weather has been on and off all day. Do you feel like the energy gets turned up a notch when people come out and embrace the music despite the weather? 

HoneyLuv: I mean, they come here for it, so I don’t think a little rain is going to stop the groove. It was still raining a little bit when I went up to play, and the crowds of people were still increasing there, and the vibe was crazy. The energy was high throughout my entire performance.



iEDM: While you’re labeled as a house DJ, you throw in a little bit of everything! How important is it to incorporate different aspects of different genres? 

HoneyLuv: I know for myself I like and create different types of house music, and I love to incorporate that into my sets. It’s very spontaneous and people love that they don’t know what they are going to hear from you next. It excites them.

iEDM: Your sound has such a free-spirited vibe to it. What is it about house music that inspires you the most? 

HoneyLuv: House music brings people together. I love the energy it brings into any room. The love people have for this music is so amazing, and at times, I just sit back and see how truly blessed I am to do what I do in this scene. The thing that most inspires me, though, about house music is that it is felt around the world. So many people experience that joy that overcomes them at a house party, and if I can do the same with the music I’m playing and making, my heart is happy.



iEDM: Not only are you known for throwing down killer sets, but you're always rocking fresh fits on stage! Is there a lot of planning that goes into your stage outfits?

HoneyLuv: Most times, yes. I have the pleasure of having some really dope friends that create some sick fits. So, if my support to them is by rocking their clothes on these national and international stages, I’m definitely going to do it. No questions asked. Plus, I love fashion, it is definitely becoming a scene I want to be more and more involved in.

iEDM: You’re also known for your residence with LP Giobbi’s Femme House Series. What was it like working with her and can we expect any collabs in the future?

HoneyLuv: It was amazing to see so many women in house music coming together because I was still very, very new to the scene, so all I saw was the same ole dudes. So, it was very refreshing to be a part of such a wonderful group of women and just doing what we all love most, sharing our love for music. As for a collab, you never know what might happen. We shall see what the future holds.



iEDM: You got your own radio series “House of Honey.” What was the inspiration behind starting your own show? 

HoneyLuv: I wanted to share the history and love of the music with people that looked like me, and I felt that wasn’t there because a lot of the history and music I discovered was on my own or through my mom. So, I just wanted to introduce more people to the music.

iEDM: Obviously, you’ve lived quite the life as a basketball star and Navy Sailor before diving into music. Do you feel like the mentality you developed from basketball and the Navy has helped your work ethic when it comes to your music career?

HoneyLuv: Honestly, music was my first love, I just never acted on it until now, but then again, I didn’t know how I could involve myself. I have always had a very good work ethic ever since I could remember. I just always knew that if you wanted something out of life, you have to work for it. There are no handouts, and if there is, there is something attached to it. So, I put that same mindset into everything that I do and music was no different. Plus, I love music more than basketball and, especially the navy anyway, so I’m working even harder than before. 



iEDM: While you were on pace to work a normal career within the government, you switched gears, pursued your passion, turned your dreams into a reality! What advice would you give someone who is maybe stuck in a job they don’t align with and are trying to chase something that’s more creative and fulfilling? 

HoneyLuv: It’s never too late to start anything in life, and I feel people get told that all the time that their time has run out when in actuality, it isn’t until you close your eyes forever. So, follow your heart, be consistent, be confident, and ignore the outside noise.

iEDM: You’ve been playing all these major festivals and just dropped an incredible new track, “Thr33 6ix 5ive”. What’s next for HoneyLuv? 

HoneyLuv: HoneyLuv is going International, I know that for sure, but other than that, I’m just going to be going where the wind blows me. As of right now, I’m loving the direction I am going.



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| May 24, 2022

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