[INTERVIEW] Joel Corry Breaks Down New Single, "MOLLY", + Shares Upcoming Plans for 2023

| January 18, 2023

Joel Corry is a multi-talented producer, DJ, professional bodybuilder, and TV personality. Bursting onto the EDM scene as a jack of all trades, Joel Corry's 2019 single, "Sorry", went viral, reaching number six on the UK Singles chart. Since then, Joel has dominated the electronic and pop genres with globally renowned anthems like "Head & Heart" and "Lonely". 

Heavily influenced by UK garage throughout his childhood, Joel merged this with his expertise and creativity into what is now his signature sound. Even though he is based in London and is a UK favorite for EDM fans, Corry has toured across the world. Hitting the main stages at EDC Orlando, Groove Cruise, and Tomorrowland, Joel brings his infectious stage presence wherever he goes. Additionally, he has electrified crowds at the hottest venues, including The Marquee in Vegas, Boothaus in Germany, Avant Gardner in NYC, and Ibiza. As he continues to tear it up with club-ready heaters, Joel Corry is diving into 2023 head and heart first.

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Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with Joel Corry below.


iEDM: What was your initial reaction when your iconic single with MNEK, “Head & Heart”, reached over 1 billion streams on Spotify? In your opinion, what elements of this track have made it this successful on a global scale?

Joel Corry: I was buzzing to reach this milestone and join the ‘Billions’ club on Spotify. I’m so happy to achieve this with my good friend and amazing talent MNEK. "Head & Heart" is a record that speaks a universal language. Anyone from any country around the world can sing along to the chorus. "Head & Heart" connected with people during the pandemic when the world needed a positive feel good song.



iEDM: You recently performed at the incredible Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball. What were some highlights from your set? 

Joel Corry: Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball is one of the biggest nights of the year. It is held at London’s O2 Arena with a sell out crowd of 20,000 people. I always prepare hard for these performances, with amazing visuals, big production, awesome dancers, and special guest performers. This year Becky Hill and Tom Grennan joined me on stage. It was the first time Tom & I performed "Lionheart" live together in front of a huge crowd which was very special.


iEDM: What about soccer has made you such a big fan of the sport and in what ways do you like to show your support for England/the U.K. in general? What are your other go-to hobbies and interests outside of music?

Joel Corry: I always played football growing up and I’m a big Arsenal fan. I love supporting England at major tournaments. I even made a special version of "Lionheart", ‘Lionheart (Come On England)’ with Tom Grennan, to support England at the Qatar World Cup. Aside from football, my other main hobby is fitness. I competed in bodybuilding competitions during my twenties and took it very seriously. I love hitting the gym and wherever I am in the world I try to work out every day.



iEDM: How does the music video for “Lionheart (Fearless)” symbolize the track itself? What message do you think the song’s lyrics convey to its listeners?

Joel Corry: "Lionheart" is an empowering song about courage and bravery. I feel inspired and motivated when I listen to the track. In the music video, Tom Grennan & I go head-to-head on an assault course which was physically challenging. We also faced our fears doing a bungee jump to promote the single. It was a fun campaign and I hope the message of the song has resonated with other people too.


iEDM: What sparked the idea for “Lionheart (Fearless)” and the collab with Tom Grennan on it? What were your favourite parts about working with Tom on this dance anthem?

Joel Corry: I have been a big fan of Tom Grennan for years, he is an amazing talent and has been smashing it in the charts. We bumped into each other at a festival last summer and clicked instantly. I knew he was somebody I would want to collaborate with, so we arranged to get in the studio. Working with Tom has been so fun, and we have become good friends from the process. Doing a bungee jump together and filming the music video were big highlights!



iEDM: In your new single “MOLLY” with Cedric Gervais, the song embodies a heavier emphasis on acid house and tech house than your usual hits. What inspired this shift in production? 

Joel Corry: Releasing club focused records in 2022 was a goal for me. Earlier in the year, I released "The Parade" with Da Hool and "Liquor Store" which both topped the Beatport chart. These are tracks that I play in my DJ sets, so it was important to showcase that style and side of what I do in my production.


iEDM: What was the process behind creating the second build-up to add anticipation and energy for the drop in "MOLLY"?

Joel Corry: I always want the second drop in my tracks to hit harder than the first. The first drop is a taster of what is to come. I loved Cedric Gervais’s original Molly breakdown and wanted to incorporate it. It is a great moment on the dancefloor that lets the vocal breathe while building tension into the second drop. I added extra synths on the second drop to generate more power and energy.



iEDM: What are you most excited about for your upcoming UK tour in 2023? Are there any surprises or upcoming projects that you can hint at for your fans to look forward to?

Joel Corry: I am buzzing to be back on the road in the UK in 2023. It will be my biggest headline tour yet. I have been touring around the world over the last year, so it will be great to be back on home soil. Aside from my preparing for my tour, I have been working hard in the studio getting new music ready for 2023. It’s going to be my biggest year yet!


Photos Courtesy of Joel Corry


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