[INTERVIEW] Marvel Years Breaks Down His Newest Releases, Favorite Performances, + More

| June 18, 2022

Vermont-based gifted producer and multi-instrumentalist, Marvel Years has pushed the traditional boundaries of electronic music since the birth of his career. He has alchemized a distinguished, hybrid style of EDM by merging elements of glitch, retro-funk, classic rock, soul, jazz, hip-hop and dubstep. Expanding his production skills and challenging the notion of studio beat-making with the embellishment of electric guitar, Marvel Years remains to invent a raw, bass-heavy signature sound.

Years has performed across the country at iconic festivals like Hulaween and Electric Forest. Besides having the opportunity to tour with GRiZ and other renowned artists such as Pretty Lights, ZHU, STS9, and Manic Focus, Years' continues to exponentially grow his fanbase with releasing groovy hits.


Read iEDM's exclusive interview with Marvel Years below.



iEDM: Your tribute remix to “Have A Cigar” by Pink Floyd can be viewed as a bridge connecting classic rock fans to new-age electro-funk music. How did you balance the two genres while making the EP?

Marvel Years: Luckily, my songwriting process throughout the years has kind of always been a blend of classic rock with the new-age electronic, so I didn’t have to stray too far from my roots. But, I went into it knowing that while I want to add my own flip to it, I have to work to preserve the integrity of the original as well. It’s a balancing act and I’m still never sure if I found the right balance or not.

iEDM: Describe the process of creating the “Have A Cigar” EP cover in a way that mimics the original but adds your own spin to it as well.

Marvel Years: I wanted the cover to be unique to a certain degree, but I also tried my best in maintaining the same feeling and vibe that the original possesses. The biggest change I decided on was having a strong female lead vocal. Jennifer Hartiswick was a perfect choice, and she added a whole new flavor to the cover, which allowed me to keep most of the instrumental elements as close to the original song as possible. 



iEDM: What classic rock song would you want to recreate next and why? 

Marvel Years: I’ve got another song I’m already working on, but I’ll keep that one a secret for now. I’d love to take a stab at some more 80s-90s alt-punk rock in the future. Red Hot Chili Peppers have been on my mind for a while now. Songs I grew up on that have made an impact on me in some way are the ones I usually gravitate towards the most.


iEDM: What are some of your favorite Pink Floyd songs and what other classic rock icons influenced your passion for music?

Marvel Years: That’s a tough one, but I think "Brain Damage" into "Eclipse" is my all-time favorite. There’s just something about that eerie guitar in "Brain Damage" and then the transition into those powerful background vocals in "Eclipse" that just hits different. I grew up on Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and others, so anything that had a guitar as the focal point gained my interest. 


iEDM: How did you come up with Marvel Years for your artist persona and what does it mean to you?

Marvel Years: My original name, in the beginning, was "Wonder Years” before I changed it. It’s reflecting on how important the present is. How one day we will look back at what we are currently experiencing and it will be all but a distant memory. So, the name “Wonder (Marvel) Years” is meant as a reflection on the current moment and a lesson to cherish it.



iEDM: What performance skills and production techniques have you developed the most over the course of your career?

Marvel Years: Probably, learning how to properly mix songs during my set and build it as a proper show. I’m still learning, but I feel like I’ve gotten better at constructing those high-energy moments in the set where everyone is going crazy, and then knowing when it’s time to take a breather for a second and let the crowd catch up to me. It’s a delicate process.


iEDM: “Break Away” was your first official release of 2022. What was it like to collaborate with Defunk? What inspired you to go for a more wub-oriented approach that is noticeably harder and grimier than the majority of your original tracks? 

Marvel Years: "Defunk" is great and an amazing dude to work with, but he is also an incredible producer. We wanted to go for a heavy guitar intro to the song and knew that the rest of the song would have to complement that. It was a super fun track to work on with him, and hopefully, we can work on some more in the future.



iEDM: What is your favorite component of the guitar breakdowns in “Break Away”? What is your favorite aspect of the amazing cover art for the track?

Marvel Years: Being a guitar player, I really enjoy the solo. I love playing that one during live shows. I really love how the art gives off this almost dystopian vibe. That is what we were going for with the music, so it’s always nice when the art can complement that.



iEDM: You have toured with the likes of GRiZ and have shared the stage with many other talented electronic artists. Who has been your favorite artist to collaborate or perform with and why?

Marvel Years: Everyone I have toured with has been great. I think my favorite tours have been the ones where we were all good friends before we even started the tour. It helps to be on the road with a bunch of homies who care about you and can keep each other's spirits at the absolute maximum even during stressful moments.


iEDM: What has been your most memorable experience performing at Red Rocks and why?

Marvel Years: The first time I played there still feels like a dream and it wasn’t even a Marvel Years set. I played guitar on stage with Manic Focus during GRiZ Rocks 2015. I just remember being scared for my life, walking out onto the stage to a sold-out crowd, hearing the absolute thunder of applause, and feeling the fear in my body slowly being replaced by excitement. That is still one of the most memorable experiences of my career.


iEDM: What has been your favorite festival to perform at in terms of its overall atmosphere and the crowd’s reaction to your set?

Marvel Years: That one is really tough, but I would have to say Minus Zero Festival in Vermont. It was on a ski mountain that I basically grew up on all throughout my childhood. I have all of my lifelong friends and family in the crowd and it felt like a massive homecoming. Everybody in the crowd was in the highest of spirits even though it was a complete blizzard and freezing cold. Some of the best memories I have from touring.


iEDM: Can you hint at any surprises or what fans can expect for your set at Elements at The Wub Hub stage?

Marvel Years: Lots of new music and maybe some special guests :)


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