[INTERVIEW] One True God Talks About His Persona As An Artist, His Newest Release + More

One True God is a Canadian producer who has been making waves in the EDM community since his breakout in 2018. The artist captivates listeners through his powerful vocals combined with the heavy bass and mid tempo melodies he creates. He has played at revered festivals like Wobbleland in Houston and Lightning in a Bottle, while also touring with big name artists such as Ghastly and Drezo. One True God has released mind-bending tracks such as “Tesla'' and “Afterlife”. His electronic rendition of Kanye’s “Love Lockdown” is his newest banger to hit the scene.


Read iEDM's exclusive interview with One True God below.



iEDM: What key factors motivated you to launch your career in the EDM industry?

One True God: Having a creative outlet to channel my darkness.


iEDM: What is the meaning behind the name “One True God” and how was the name first created?

One True God: It means we create our own reality so we are all god.


iEDM: Which elements of your persona and music can be accredited to your time spent in Canada and Dubai?

One True God: I fell in love with electronic music in Dubai. I’m not sure if the city itself contributed to my inspiration and persona. Moreso, I was influenced by a psytrance producer that I met there.


iEDM: At what point in your career do you truly think you found your unique sound?

One True God: Since day one.


iEDM: What self discoveries have made the heaviest impact on your production style?

One True God: Figuring out that I’m a genius.



iEDM: Describe the process of creating your cover art for each track and why you chose the thematic colors of red and black.

One True God: Since day one I’ve shared a vision with my graphic designer and we brought it to life together. Red and black are my favorite colors.


iEDM: Which one of your released tracks do you think best mirrors your personality?

One True God: "Addicted" because I have an addictive personality. 


iEDM: Who are your favorite artists to collaborate with and why?

One True God: Le Castle Vania, Roniit, and Coka Cobra because I learn from all of them and I love spending time with them.


iEDM: What inspired the soundscape for your rendition of Kanye West’s Love Lockdown”?

One True God: I’m going through a relationship struggle and that song resonates with how I feel.




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| May 09, 2022

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