[INTERVIEW] SIDEPIECE Talks About Their Iconic Set at Imagine Festival 2022 + Their Exciting Future in Tech House

| October 26, 2022

When it comes to the tech house scene, no artist been more explosive over the last few years than SIDEPIECE. Created by heavy bass superstars Party Favor and Nitti Gritti, this project has dominated the charts since the two joined forces in 2019. The duo received platinum and gold certifications after dropping their global sensation "On My Mind", with Diplo. With other hit tracks "Together", "Temptation", and "Don't Keep Me Waiting", SIDEPIECE keeps tech house enthusiasts excited year round.

At a level equal to their expert production, SIDEPIECE's DJing abilities and stage presence shocks their audience at every show. The two prodigies have delivering mesmerizing sets at some of the top venues in the world, such as Tomorrrowland, EDC Orlando, Lollapalooza, and many more. Coming in hot off their groovy performance at Imagine Music Festival, SIDEPIECE fans are fired up for their Kiss & Tell: Second Base Tour.


Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with SIDEPIECE below. 


iEDM: How did you first meet each other and what is the story behind you two coming together to become SIDEPIECE?

SIDEPIECE: We met at a Party Favor show and stayed in touch after that. We were both huge fans of each other's music and production before getting together. We chatted mainly back and forth online via DM’s prior to starting SIDEPIECE. 


iEDM: How do you play to each other’s strengths when working on a new track? What is the most valuable thing both of you have learned from each other?

SIDEPIECE: The great thing is one of us has been able to start a record and have the freedom to send it to the other and have the confidence they will turn it into something special. Our skills as producers definitely balance well and we can usually know what’s needed from the other person. 



iEDM: What is your source of inspiration when working on the hooks and basslines for tracks like “Temptation”, “Acrobatic”, and “Sextacy”?

SIDEPIECE: For all of those records we try not to overthink it. Usually whatever comes out naturally bassline-wise. For "Temptation", we wanted it to be funky and have a super bouncy groove due to the nature of the sample. "Acrobatic" was more about what is going to get you to shake your butt when you hear it, same with "Sextacy". 


iEDM: Your opening track for your Imagine set began with vocals that smoothly added drums and other sounds as it progressed. Why was this song a good fit to open your set with?

SIDEPIECE: For us we are always experimenting with intros and usually it’s to test out a new record. Our Imagine set was no different. It’s all about setting the tone for the set and continuing to give that energy.




iEDM: There were lots of tribal sounds such as heavy drums and bongos throughout your Imagine set. What led to the inclusion of these elements and were any sounds or tracks catered specifically for that audience?

SIDEPIECE: We both come from producing a ton of other genres and have a love for music from around the world. SIDEPIECE was always meant to be a project that crossed borders. We are super influenced by different genres and cultures music from around the world. 


iEDM: Many of your fans are drawn to your love mixing abilities. What goes into preparing and making a unique transition or buildup like when you spun right before the drop in “Acrobatic”?

SIDEPIECE: We like to keep the audience on their toes. Whether its live mixing into a different song than what was expected or mixing multiple records back and forth we want our live show to feel like an experience. 





iEDM: Your Imagine set blessed the crowd with a ton of different IDs and edits such as one of Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” and The Beatles’ “Come Together”. What adjustments do you have to make when making your own rendition of a hit versus an original track?

SIDEPIECE: Nothing is off limits for us. We love the challenge and love to take any record and think “how can we make this fit SIDEPIECE?”. It keeps us engaged in the process and getting to experience those moments live with fans.


iEDM: Which house artists would you like to collaborate with in the future?

SIDEPIECE: We would love to work with J. Worra, Cloonee, Noizu, Martin Ikin, Calvin Harris, and Joshwa.



iEDM: SIDEPIECE fans are pumped for your Kiss and Tell Second Base tour. What is the most exciting aspect to each of you about this tour and what surprises can you hint at for your fanbase to look forward to?

SIDEPIECE: These shows are a bit more intimate and they are all in markets we haven’t been to before yet! Our set is always different and of course in our usual fashion we have brand new music and mashups that we’ve made for each show. For a couple of the dates, the fans will be able to hear a record for the first time ever.


Photos Courtesy of SIDEPIECE


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