[INTERVIEW] SuperAve. Talks Pull UP EP, Hip-Hop Influences, WAKAAN Festival 2022, + Working With Deadbeats

| August 29, 2022

The hip-hop head turned dubstep enthusiast, SuperAve. has been busy forging his name in freeform bass while quickly rising to stardom in the process. The elusive DJ and producer who keeps his identity in limbo continues to flip the bass scene upside down with each and every mind-melting release. His unique sound and mysterious allure dazzles fans and fellow artists as he's caught the attention of heavyweights like Zeds Dead, Mersiv, and Jantsen, among others. 

In the thick of an epic performance run where he played historic venues like Red Rocks, Brooklyn Mirage, and more SuperAve. quietly dropped a monstrous three-track EP titled Pull Up. Released on August 3rd, Pull Up is now the South Carolina producer’s second EP with the Zeds Dead label known as Deadbeats. 

Relying solely on his own creative process, the record consists of three tracks with no features. Instead of collaborating, he expands his sonic reach and explores brand-new sounds, all while staying true to his signature style. Between his studio sessions and time on the road, iEDM had the opportunity to sit down with SuperAve. to discuss the new EP, performing at WAKAAN Festival, and more.


Check iEDM’s exclusive interview with SuperAve. below.



iEDM: Congratulations on your Pull Up EP! What's the inspiration behind the record?

SuperAve.: Thank you! Pull Up is pretty front facing. It comes from the energy, the interactions, and the overall support I'm seeing from our scene. It's also for everyone who asks what I'm about, what the energy is like, or just generally curious on what the hype is all about. Just pull up.


iEDM: Each of the three tracks are different but flow together perfectly, and you just know each one is a SuperAve. song. How difficult is it to switch up styles without compromising your sound?

SuperAve.: Having everything flow together, talk to each other, and express a vision together has always been a focus. From track selection to the visual experience, everything has to make sense and at least feel right. Switching up your sound really comes down to trusting your skills and abilities as an artist. I feel like artists reach a point, especially producers, where we feel like we can explore and execute all different kinds of styles confidently. It takes time to get there, but the good thing is you'll more than likely just naturally sound like yourself by the time that happens. It's one of the best feelings.



iEDM: Pull Up is now the second EP out on Deadbeats within one year. What's it like working with such a legendary label, and what's your secret behind putting out so many impressive tracks in such a short period of time?

SuperAve.: It's an honor to release yet another project on Deadbeats. With my first EP, "The Block Is Hot," and my EP, "Step Up," with my man Mersiv this makes my third EP with Deadbeats within the past year. The Deadbeats family is something like I've never experienced before. The way they support their artists is unmatched. There's no real secret to putting out music other than honing your skills, trusting the process, and putting the work in. If you love it, then it's no problem.



iEDM: Since you broke into the scene, fans have wondered who you actually are. Would you say keeping your identity a mystery allows you to make deeper fan connections through your music rather than focusing on keeping up with a brand or persona?

SuperAve.: Yes and no, being hidden has its pros and cons. On one hand, I get to move around differently, keep the element of surprise and not be as dependent on nonstop posts for the brand. On the flip side, I have to make a strong effort to put myself into my music, shows, art, etc. I wouldn't say a deeper connection, but I will say every one of my fans is likely to be connected to what I do over what I look like.

iEDM: It's clear that you're a massive hip-hop head. How influential are producers like Timbaland, Just Blaze, and 9th wonder, among others, to your sound?

SuperAve.: Those are my teachers (amazing list btw). Every track that I make has some level of influence from all of the legendary hip-hop producers through the years. From the drums to the bass lines to just the overall feel and energy of my music will always be rooted in rap/hip-hop. I hear elements and influences in our scene constantly, so I know the spirit is there.



iEDM: Will the world ever see a SuperAve. Produced hip-hop album in the future?

SuperAve.: I'm always on the hunt for rap artists, and my vault is starting to get bigger, so stay tapped in.


iEDM: With such a profound love for hip-hop, what sparked your interest in bass music?

SuperAve.: Bass music and hip-hop share so many elements from an artistic level to the technical side, they always felt related to me from the beginning. The loud, aggressive, distorted sounds, the sonic freedom, the boom bap upfront drums, there are so many similarities. I immediately heard the influences, and it hooked me instantly.

iEDM: You just had an incredible run of shows playing Brooklyn Mirage, Red Rocks, Big Dub, and more. What's it like sharing your art on some of the biggest stages in the scene?

SuperAve.: It's honestly plans and dreams coming true. Everyone thinks about what it would be like to play those stages, to be the one up there, but to be in it in the moment is just different. It's special. I don't look back a lot, but those are definitely ones that I'll hold on to forever.


iEDM: You're also about to play WAKAAN Festival this fall! What can fans expect once you take the stage?

SuperAve.: Anybody who's seen me, heard my mixes or is tapped in can expect me to do what I do at an even higher level. For anyone who hasn't caught me yet: We gon pull up, make it hot and show out. Outside. Period.

iEDM: With such a breakout year in 2022, what's next for SuperAve. as we set our sites on 2023?

SuperAve.: More of everything at an elevated level. From the show experience to the music, the visuals, the art, everything. And one thing's for sure. I'm pulling up to a city near you!


Photos courtesy of SuperAve.


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