Introducing The Latest & Hottest Brand Additions to iEDM

| April 10, 2016


Diff Eyewear, Set 4 Lyfe Apparel and GratefullyDyed are the newest additions to the iEDM rave clothing family! If you're in search for some sick sunnies and awesome psychedelic fashionable clothing ( who isn't!?) then look no further! But what makes these brands awesome isn't just their beautiful clothing and eyewear but the story behind their business and success!  



Diff Eyewear, known for their awesome hand crafted sunglasses was started by Chad Jernigan, Zach Gordan and Chad Dime when they decided to partner up to sell sunglass wear for the EDM industry. After a while of working together with Auroravizion they decided to create a new eyewear company that could be marketed to masses. 

"Diff was born because we saw a need in the designer sunglasses market for affordable yet premium quality that everyone could afford. The eyewear industry is heavily controlled by one major company, they own Sunglass Hut and all the brands carried in it including Rayban and Oakley for example. They're the sole reason why designer sunglasses are all over $100."

Not only do they sell sick fashionable sunnies but they also contribute to the Eyes on Africa charity. Every time you purchase a pair of their handmade acetate sunglasses (polarized or non polarized lenses), Diff Eyewear donates a pair of reading glasses to people in need of reading glasses in parts of Africa. They have also made a large donation of sunglasses to Toys for Tots this past Christmas. 

"Customers have really been loving the quality of our eyewear and our charity efforts have been really well received. Our donations are mainly distributed in Ugandan villages through reps of the peace corp that work with Eyes On Africa. "


Moving forward Diff will be adding new styles and releasing limited addition eyewear. In 2016, they will collaborating with DJs and music festivals to make Diff Eyewear bigger than ever.

"Going into our fifth year of eyewear there's nothing stopping us and we're only getting better at everything we're doing!"




GratefullyDyed, started as a hand made tie dyed clothing company and blossomed into one of the most creative sublimation apparel brands in the world. Damen started GratefullyDyed in 2011 with the help of a small loan from his mother at the age of 21. After getting into some mischief as a teenager, he turned to his guitar and re-entered the festival scene as a fan of music, people and just life. One of those people he met was Andy, a tie dyer, who he began to help sell his clothing. 

After Andy's untimely death, he began tie-dying in his honor and started GratefullyDyed.

"It was clear to me right away that this was exactly what I was supposed to do. So I worked and worked and studied, work, studied, worked and occasionally slept until I felt we were where we should be. Who am I kidding, that's still my schedule and I love every minute of it" 

GratefullyDyed offers an original line of premium tees, premium tanks and all over print hoodies with much more to come! 

"We focus our artwork on what makes us happy, what is requested of us from the community, and anything we can to push our consciousness that much further than the day before."

Set 4 Lyfe Apparel  

Set 4 Lyfe Apparel is a fashion and lifestyle brand specializing in sacred geometry patterns and all-over-print apparel. S4L was founded in the Summer of 2008 by touring drummer known by most as Mattaio in Kelowna, British Columbia. Mattaio created Set 4 Lyfe in 2008 when he was 19 years old. Being heavily involved in the music industry, he began to notice how much the music scene influences the trending apparel styles. 

" I want to bring a new perspective, a clothing line that appeals to everyone.. inspire a movement.. a philosophy to encourage collaboration and appreciation of all art forms."

Ethically sourced materials & hand crafted one garment at a time, each piece is truly special. With their constantly evolving collections that feature trend setting artists from around the world, Set 4 Lyfe guarantees you will find something that catches your eye. Every purchase made goes directly to supporting the artist who helped to design the product. Much like the other All Over Print brands on iEDM, you don't only support the brand you help support the artists!

"Set 4 Lyfe brings a positive mind set right from get-go...being wealthy, rich & prosperous has a different meaning to everyone. Some say there is prosperity in adventure, in health, in knowledge, in laugher, in family and love."  

Find what speaks to you!


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