Let Your Inner Child Come Out to Play With These 10 Spectacular Adult Onesies!

| November 12, 2019

Adult onesies are exactly what you need in your life to bring the comforts of your childhood into your favorite adult activity: raving! For starters, onesies will help you stay effortlessly warm head to toe so you can rage well into chilly festival nights. If you want a statement piece you can wear while avoiding the hassle of planning matching outfits, onesies are a simplistic and fashionable way to achieve whatever look you are striving for. Onesies are a game changer for festivals due to their astounding comfort and versatility all in one.



Pictured: The Vapor Onesie

Our iEDM Adult Onesie Collection features euphoric works of art that will be the center of attention at any event you go to! These onesies are hooded and made with ultra soft material that is anti wrinkle and low maintenance. They even have two front pockets for your convenience so you can don't have to worry about carrying a bag.

They are also an amazing gift idea for any special raver in your life this upcoming holiday season so if you are looking for a meaningful gift to remember, look no further! Check out our picks of our favorite designs from our collection below for inspiration!


1. Wavey



Wavey is an interplanetary print that features an astronaut gazing into a rainbow covered galaxy. This outer space inspired onesie will envelope you in warmth while telling a story of the overwhelming beauty of what lies beyond our own planet. It is an awesome onesie to rock at a ‘space bass’ show such as Space Jesus or Liquid Stranger!

Shop the Wavey Onesie HERE!


2. Dream Waves



Dive into bliss with the mesmeric hues of our Dream Waves onesie. This design is made up of entrancing swirls of violets and blues which complement the chilly winter weather in a beautiful way. This is a great design if you want something colorful but not too bright and overpowering.

Get the Dream Waves Onesie HERE!


3. Lion Galaxy


The icy blue tones of the Lion Galaxy Onesie make for one of the most unique depictions of the majestic king of the jungle ever. Pair this onesie with a pair of Light Up Sneakers from our Glow Collection to complete the look and leave every festival goer that sees you in complete awe!

 Shop the Lion Galaxy Onesie HERE!


4. Pizza Pikachu


Calling all lovers of things Pokemon and pizza: this is the onesie that was practically made for someone as amazing as you! The Christmas themed design makes this an ideal gift for the holidays as well! Whether you are at a show or snuggled up under the covers watching Christmas movies, the Pizza Pikachu Onesie is perfect for any occasion.

Get your own Pizza Pikachu Onesie HERE!


5. Skeleton



If you like to keep things simple and spooky, the Skeleton Onesie will be a go to piece in your rave wardrobe. You can also pair this with one of our many skeleton bandana masks to complete the look while giving you even more coverage from the cold!

Shop the Skeleton Onesie HERE!


6. Vapor



Vapor is an elegant design that is primarily a grey background which is infused with blush toned roses that add pops of color, charmingly bringing it all together. A floral print like this is a refreshing variation to the mostly trippy designs you see in festival fashion.

Shop the Vapor Onesie HERE!


7. Funkadelic



Show off your eccentric and playful personality with our Funkadelic Onesie. The vortex of vivid swirls is captivating and will garner plenty of complements. After all, you deserve rave fashion that is as bold and inspiring as you are!

Get your Funkadelic Onesie HERE!


8. Nightmare Fuel



If you are a horror buff then our Nightmare Fuel Onesie is the one for you! This edgy piece covered with distorted faces demands attention and is certainly not for the weak. Not to mention that every badass needs a onesie that is as black and twisted as their soul.

Shop the Nightmare Fuel Onesie HERE!


9. Rainbow Unicorn



Who wouldn’t want the chance to wear a onesie with a rave unicorn that shoots out rainbows and rules the world? This spectacular unicorn can be by your side for every event you go to and will easily be one of the most memorable outfits anywhere!

Shop the Rainbow Unicorn Onesie HERE!


10. Suger Skull



This all-over print is a bright rendition of the classic sugar skull design. It is a great look whether you are celebrating the Day of the Dead or want an awe-inspiring pattern to wear year round!

 Shop the Sugar Skull Onesie HERE!



Want even more incredible festival fashion? Shop iEDM's Psychedelic Collection HERE for astounding prints and next level looks!


Shine bright at your next event with our Glow Factory Collection HERE! You can find goggles, space whips, premium gloves and much more!


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Arooj Mustansir

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