Light Up Your Life: Welcome To The Glow Factory 2.0 Edition

Wanna Light Up Yo Life? Welcome To The Glow Factory: 2.0 Edition
| September 27, 2016

We all need a lil' bit of twinkle in our lives here and there, and there is no other place that can put you in an eye-bending, electric and colorful trance than iEDM's Glow Factory.

You guys took already took only a sneak peek inside our Glow Factory a few month's ago, but brace yourselves because we're bringing you some all-new electric goodies: better and brighter than ever.


1) Light-Up Fur

Nothing screams "slay" quite like some fur, but if you wanna add a little sparkle (literally) to your fur, then light-up fur is the move for you- to put it simply, it's the key to achieve ultimate flawless, bad b*tch status. And yes, festival season might be over and "winter is coming," but the rave ain't stopping for NOTHING, which makes this a staple item you need to have in your closet for winter.


2) Customizable Luminescence Goggles

Okay not gonna lie, this is totally my favorite item of LIFE. Goggles are all the rage and are the cherry on top of any outfit, but the opportunity to customize them to your exact liking was not available...until now!


3) Light-Up Clothing

Whoever thought it was a good idea to combine traditional rave-wear with lights was a GENIUS. God bless, because now, we'll have no problem standing out in a crowd when you're decked out in something like the light-up romper, and maybe even the light-up wrap top & shorts or sequin mesh top & bottom!


4) Space Saber or Staff

*Cue Star Wars theme song.* Channel those intergalactic vibes with the ultimate wow accessory that your outfit was missing. The motto is "go big or go home" especially when it comes to festi-outfits, so why stop now? And the possibilities are endless with when it comes to color, design and mode options!


5) Light-Up Leg Wraps

There is nothing more refreshing than seeing a staple, unchanging item like leg wraps, and to see them being taken to a whole other level and completely revolutionized. No outfit is complete with leg wraps, but if you want to be original and innovative, then the solution has been found!


6) Lux 360 Orbit

It ain't called Lux for no reason! Orbit's are definitely a staple item to have with you at any fest or show if your orbit abilities are outta this world. Orbiting is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. Pick up your first orbit, the rest comes naturally! So whether you're a beginner trying to impress a crowd or an orbit vet, you'll wow anyone watching with this new-and-improved orbit.

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