Lightning In A Bottle 2018 Is An EDM & Yoga Paradise For Any Age

| April 25, 2018

As spring comes to a definite end, and urban dwellers wipe away the desert music scene from their kicks, it’s time to re-evaluate, revitalize, and re-energize, and ask ourselves one question: is it really over? Or are we merely beginning the appetizer of our festival four-course-meal? Keep those bandanas fastened kids, summer’s coming, which means: Summer. Music Festivals. On top of the list is a camp favorite, Lightning in a Bottle; an EDM summer camp dream.

LIB festival opens from May 23- 28, which means it’s time to tone down the Coachella vibes and fast-forward to summer time. 

Located in Bradley, California, plotted next to San Antonio Lake, Lighting in a Bottle is very much an adult’s summer camp mixed with EDM as well as a yogi’s paradise.

Established in 2004, the music festival is presented by the graciousness of The Do LaB, who provides the festival with a blend of music, performing arts, sculptures, and culture. 


LIB Has Something Positive For Everyone

Though Lightning in a Bottle is a music festival, it’s also child-friendly, and festival goers are encouraged to bring the whole family along as a family vacay. The event also prides itself in its inclusion of yoga, meditation, dancing, cultural ceremonies, and workshops.

Yes, workshops! Want to know what veggie cleans your pipes? Want to meet and greet with Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman? This is your chance. Make a difference, come to the festival.


The Headliners Are Worth The Travel 

The headliners are nothing to sneeze at, either. With names like The Glitch Mob, Zhu, Tipper, Nicole Moudaber, and Sofi Tukker, I’m pretty confident that- like the art and ambiance- the music will draw in the crowds like flies to honey.

With over 200 performers and a campground to fill, LIB will have stages dedicated to its music scene: Lightning, Thunder, and Woogie. Each stage is designed uniquely, making them aesthetically pleasing, while catering to each performance at play.


There Is A Much Anticipated Lakeside Performance 

Did I mention there is a lake? Did I mention that bringing a duckie-floatie and your swim trunks are a prerequisite to make for a grand time at your next favorite place on Earth? Now you do.

And the best part, ladies and gentlemen- get this- Desert Hearts is taking over in a partnership with the LIB festival with their Lightning in a Bottle Lakeside Launch Party X Desert Hearts Takeover. The two festivals come together for an six-hour-epoch and dictate the lakeside with performers; performers such as, Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, MARBS, and Porky. For those who want to join, this epic event takes place the Thursday, May 24th from 11 A.M. to 5 P.M.

So, to my fellow nostalgia hogs. If you’re begging to quench your thirst for summer, craving for that wood-fire smoke, coconut-scented-sunscreen, meditation oms, and a much needed thrill, then step out of the Coachella mirage and congregate toward the lakeside, where the water is cool and sweet, and the bass of the stage will defibrillate your soul. See you in Bradley.  

Tickets for LIB can be purchased HERE.

San Antonio Lake is also available for camping, and- before you ask- tent sites are included with the purchase of your pass.

If you plan on rolling in the R.V. or pop-ups, you can find information on prices HERE at the LIB info page.

P.S. glamping, or Boutique Camping, is also available for those who prefer the lush and posh. You can find info and prices HERE also.

Gear up with some West Coast Festival Fashion HERE

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