Lollapalooza 2016 Preview

| July 25, 2016

If you're still aching for more top EDM artists playing the festival circuit, don't fret, Lollapalooza has got you covered. With over 170+ acts spread over eight stages at Grand Park in Chicago, there's more than enough artists to choose from. 

Lollapalooza is celebrating its 25th anniversary. During it's two and a half decade run, the trajectory of music has changed a lot. While many fans will be eagerly anticipating acts like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lana Del Rey; there are equal amounts of EDM headliners. Artists like Disclosure, Martin Garrix, and Major Lazer barely scratch the surface.

The popularity for Lolla is incredible. Four-day passes sold out in the first hour. In the days preceding up to the festival, only single-day and four-day VIP tickets are for sale.  

Lollapalooza EDM Reach 

For the iEDM family, there's an incredible amount of EDM acts. The infamous "Perry's Stage" will be hosting most of these artists. Prepare yourself for that Chicago summer Prepare to see some of your favorite EDM artists on the main stage too.

Get excited to see crowds roving on closed famous Chicago streets in Grant Park. Right next to you is the beautiful Lake Michigan and high above you the striking Chicago skyline. It doesn't get better than this for a festival in one of the best American cities. 

Tips for the Day

Remember to keep extremely hydrated through the day, as you'll be walking and dancing like crazy. Take intermediate breaks in their shade areas to recharge for the day. This should be common knowledge, but it needs to be reiterated for a festival in July. Pace yourself!

There's a few things to take note for the crowds who are used to other festivals. Lollapalooza is all about the music. It starts relatively early and doesn't go that late. Some of the last shows are done by 10:30pm and the crowds disperse to the afterparties and home by midnight. 

Map yourself out a schedule and get ready to have the time of your lives at a festival that is a staple of the culture in Chicago. 

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