Pop Music That You Didn't Know Was Produced by Your Favorite EDM Artists

| November 12, 2016

There are a lot of producers out there that have shifted some of their talent into mainstream pop artist's albums. The results have been great, as we've begun to see producers with notoriety from the EDM scene shift effortlessly between this scene and the more main aspects of popular music.

We're going to look at some of the artists that have made the switch back and forth and some of their albums they've worked on through the years. A few names that stick out to us are Skrillex, Diplo, and Zedd to name a few. 

Skrillex's Extracurricular Productions 

One of the first noteworthy albums that comes to mind is the collaboration with Justin Bieber. Arguably, a name synonymous with pop stardom, Skrillex worked on multiple songs from the recent Purpose album by Justin Bieber. The collaboration came after he and Diplo worked with him on the Jack U song

It proved to be one of his most popular albums and helped him retain a spot in the pop charts. It was also a change of pace for Skrillex's usual round of productions. Another album that Skrillex worked on in the mainstream was less of a full length album and more of a collaboration of sorts. 

We're talking about the string of productions Skrillex has been featured in that include rap artists and is more in the category of trap production. Some of these songs include, El Chapo, or Purple Lamborghini with Rick Ross for the Suicide Squad soundtrack. 

Diplo's Foray into the Main 

Diplo has worked on a countless amount of mainstream pop albums. His recent work was with Beyonce on her 2016 Lemonade album. He has also been a serial collaborator with M.I.A over the years as well. 

He's always been a producer jumping around from straight EDM productions and going back to the mainstream. There really isn't a solid division for Diplo. He's been doing great with Major Lazer as well, and you can count on more albums being produced by him in the future. 

Zedd & Pop Music 

Zedd is an interesting producer and DJ, as many of his songs off his own album have that pop variety to them and have entered into the mainstream. Some of his work on straight pop albums was with Lady Gaga. The aptly titled Art Pop had a couple contributions from him. 

These five or so mainstream albums have the mark of some qualified producers who are showing that the electronic dance sound knows no barriers. 

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